Sikhala Bares All To “Brutal” Mnangagwa “Years of Fear, Torture, Killings, Rape”


Job Wiwa Sikhala |Dear Emmerson Mnangagwa,
I hope this memo finds you well with my full compliments of the season. If my father didn’t pass on two years ago he could have been of the same age with you. When I look at you I see you as my father’s generational colleague.

I respect you as you are of the same age with my father and that is as far as my respect for you goes.
Before going any further let me start by telling you that my father and all my relatives have a deep wound over your activities for years. You remember when you were the Minister of State(Security) in the Prime Minister’s Office from 1980 no matter how much you might try to downplay or trivialise your role in the massacre of innocent civilians in Matabeleland during Gukurahundi, we know for a fact know that one of our own family members who is my aunt, died because of your active participation and direct underground command. You might try to sound clever by trying to deny your role but Zimbabweans are no fools. If you don’t know, Zimbabweans are well aware of your cruel activities during the time and that you were one of the main actors or protagonists of the massacre.

For your brief information, my father’s sister was married to Sello Maphinyani in Gwanda around the area called Manama. Despite coming from Gutu, the majority of my relatives are in Gwanda. She was brutally murdered in 1983 on the pretext that she was hiding her husband somewhere when the CIO under your command and the Fifth Brigade besieged her homestead. He was just a mere ZAPU official in Matabeleland South. The murder brought the wound to the family up to this day because we still believe that she died for no apparent reason on the background of your active participation.

All Zimbabweans know that you were the godfather and schemer of Gururahundi. Some might have forgiven you but not myself and my family.
We are also oblivious that we are not the only ones who can hardly forgive you. There are many others both in your own party and those whom you once worked with who will never ever accept you as the BOSS.

I had the privilege of having a face to face discussion with Rugare Gumbo on the trials and tribulations he and others like, Wilfred Mhanda aka Cde Dzinashe Machingura went through in Mozambique during the liberation struggle. They went under horrendous incarceration through your instigation as Robert Mugabe’s Personal Assistant. They said your sins are unforgivable.

You instructed them to be thrown into the pit on the pretext that it was the command from Robert Mugabe. You are said to have asked them to feed on their own faeces in the pity. What a BOSS you where.
During the formative stages of the MDC you personally took command and strategies of all the violence that engulfed our nation. You wanted to kill Blessing Chebundo in Kwekwe personally. Chebundo survived after he held the Bible and prayed to God to save his life as he has not sinned or done anything wrong to anyone.

It is said you saw hallucinations and started to have convulsions that you left him without a word, only for Chebundo to hide in the mountains of Gokwe. He still defeated you twice while in hiding until you ran away and created a ridiculous constituency for yourself called Zibagwe something. This is not forgotten Mr. Mnangagwa. You can play your kindergarten games with your equally ridiculous G40, not the people of Zimbabwe.
It is in the public court of masses that you are the architect of the June 27 2008 massacres.

Every Zimbabwean know that you coordinated the military deployment on the aftermath of Mugabe’s defeat by Morgan Tsvangirai in 2008. For you Emmerson, Tsvangirai will defeat you home and away and we know you will resort to your usual cruelty. You stand no chance at all against anyone including even your nemesis Jonathan Moyo in your party.
Hundreds of people who were killed during the June 27 genocide, those who were maimed, those who were raped, those who were tortured cry over you Mnangagwa. If you don’t know it, please let me tell you the truth.

The people of Zimbabwe cry for what you did to their kith and kin. They don’t hate their brother soldiers because they know you were the instigator. The anguish the people suffered because of your instigation can never be forgotten by the masses of this country. Please bear it in mind. There is boiling anger outside there against you.
If Energy Mutodi and others who make you drunk by Jonnie Walker don’t tell you what the people of Zimbabwe think and say about you on the death of Gen Solomon Mujuru, it then means they don’t love you.

They just want to use you to protect their shady deals. Zimbabweans are not happy about the way how General Mujuru died. They think you are the best person to give them a better explanation of what happened to their General but you play the clever boy tactics.
The death of Lookout Masuku in prison under your instigation on false accusations of trying to overthrow the government haunts many Zimbabweans to this present day, if you don’t know. When they hear about your name today, they associate it with the death of General Lookout Masuku in prison.

For your own information the former ZIPRA Intelligence Supremo Dumiso Dabengwa is so loved and sympathised with by many Zimbabweans because they know the horrendous torture he went through in prison without trial under your instigation. He nearly soiled his good name in the public by once associating with you and your evil party. This is not forgotten and forgiven Mr. Mnangagwa. Zimbabweans will never accept you as their BOSS.

It is also important to alert you that Zimbabweans have been angered by your childish public utterances when you uttered Muchangoramba muchiwawata ZANU PF ichingotonga, ichingotonga, ichingotonga while all the masses are suffering. They have no kind words for you on such arrogance of cruelty.
Be advised that Zimbabweans are waiting for that day they will revenge against you in the ballot box. That’s when Zimbabweans will show you that they don’t want a BOSS of your kind, even if you kill everyone and remained with your kids, wife and Energy Mutodi.
Without prejudice.
Job Wiwa Sikhala.

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  • Timothy Thorton

    Job Wiwa Sikhala – This man tried politics and failed and all he can do now is accuse an individual for collective government responsibility. Most of the information is hearsay. Munangagwa was never president of this country nor leader of the guerrilla movement yet you give the impression that he was the ultimate decision maker both during and after the war of liberation. How do you purport to talk for the people of Zimbabwe when you could not put together a splinter group from the MDC. ED is head of government, was able to organise the downfall of Mugabe and was chosen by his party to replace Mugabe who had resigned under constitutional pressure. That is the level of organisational capacity he has got. You also confirm his influence in both the party and government. That is what distinguishes ED from you. The death of your aunt is similar to other deaths during the war of liberation. More importantly it is unfortunate that your relative died during that period but I am sure if you are honest you will agree that the existence of a resistance movement was not a Mugabe creation but a reality which needed to be eradicated. Unfortunately the actors in government knew how to handle a guerrilla movement and that is how your aunt got into the cross fire. Let that isolated incident distract you from the work at hand which requires every Zimbabwean to honestly and positively contribute to..

  • Tina

    Sikhala please do not purport to speak for all Zimbabweans. Some of us believe that decisions such as Gukurahundi were a government responsibility. Mnangagwa was not the head of state then and therefore did not order the massacre. Settle your personal issues excluding us.

  • caleb2011

    Job Sikhala is right. There is evidence that Emmerson Mnangagwa & some of His thugs in cabinet were involved in the messacre of innocent civilians in Matebeleland & other areas in Zimbabwe. Being not a president that time it doesn’t mean that ED is not an accomplice in murder. Yes President Mugabe was forced to resign by the military & ED unconstitutionally imposed himself as a president. We are not kids. I can simple prove this. Who voted for ED into power? NONE. It is naive & mischievous to say Chimurenga war is similar to the Gukurahundi. And people are not concerned about dissidents that operated that time but the unreasonableness showed by the military while ED was state security minister. Hey!Hey! It looks like you are a born after 80s.

  • Joe

    You never said this to head of state and commender of the defence forces then. Your anger is genuine but channelled to person, The command was from the Head of state then, please write him before he goes to answer for his sins in front of God. We need truth and reconciliation to solve this not just name calling


    Job sikhala youre finished my brother whilst still young as you say.Lets move away from trying to score some political credit with the gukurahundi case.its something which happened under the direct headship of mugabe , his government .and was quite cruel, but i repeat , this can never be allowed by any right thinking people to be used by certain selfish people for scoring some self political gains just before elections, possibly for people to vote for them to gain entry to parliament, no,no.Try some other strategies,ask dr amai grace mugabe about it .Let the new dispensation outfit government save its time and purpose.

  • Pidigori

    It was coined as a ‘Moment of Madness’ and later cushioned in the new dispensation/era message of allowing bygones be bygones for which many will accept, forgive and try carry on with the huge task at hand of rebuilding our buttered country but equally and sadly, many are going to find it difficult to forgive and forget unless some form of a lasting mechanism is found that can bring closure to this sore moment of our beloved country’s history and past injustices. I pray for this to come true !

  • Guranyanga

    I like Job Sikhala.He is a brave man and not afraid to speak his mind.
    But politics,religion and football are very complex and divisive issues.
    Zimbabweans are confused at the moment.Is Munangagwa Saul turned to Paul?
    Some people will say yeah ! Let sleeping dogs lie!

    Hitler was responsible for the Jews extermination!Job is not accusing Robert Mugabe not even Mujuru who was Commander of the National Army?

    Lets agree that Munangagwa is a very intelligent man otherwise Grace will be President right now which is scary!
    As Job Sikhala goes to court to defend the G40 ministers who subjected people to oppression and thuggery you begin to see that this is an oxymoron.Okay you can say that Sikhala is just doing his job!But is this morally right?
    What we need is the Truth and Reconciliation Commission the Mandela Way!
    It is the only way Munangagwa can close this chapter!

  • KudzaiKazonga


  • Well said

    Spot on Job, you could not have said it any better my brother.

  • caleb2011

    I don’t see ED as intelligent. This is the reason he used the military to get into power. Do you think without the military intervention ED will win the elections? Never!

  • Mdala ka Dawu

    Well said Job. I feel relieved when some young Zimbabweans stick to the truth and just facts. I have not read from your critics facts but I just read emotional outbursts from most of them. It reminds of the first peson who went on TV and openly attacked Gukurahundi. He was a Shona student at Nust. He also attacked the Bulawayo City Council of tribalism. The future of this great country lies in the hands of our yoinger generation that will build a Zimbabwe on principles of freedom,democracy and genuine national unity and not like what we see now.

  • Tracey

    Sikhala dayi wanyora rondedzero yako nerurimi gwamayi nokuti hmmm, nhanganyaya yenyu ndaishaya muchingezi, murikungodzamba pese pese sehuku irikutsvaka zvitoto. Mungamisidzana namuchuchuti mu-dock muka-winner nyaya iyemi muchidayi? Mzembi wazvirasha apa, tsvaga rimwe gweta usati waenda for trial

  • Timothy Thorton

    How can you tell that I was born after 80s. If you should know, the government has got a responsibility to protect its people from any insurgence such as the dissident menace which started at Intumbane barracks and that is exactly what the Zim government did during the so-called Gukurahundi. There is no need for any apology. Those who chose to organise the resistance movement must apologise for exposing the people who were finally caught in the cross fire.This is exactly what happened to several people across the whole country when Ian Smith’s government accused them of supporting the liberation movement. As much as it was a noble cause to the nationalist, it was according to Smith a terrorism movement which wanted to overthrow a constitutional government.

    Perhaps you do not understand what happened. ED was dismissed by Mugabe who wanted to appoint his wife Vice president. The army was not amused and they provided security to the people of Zimbabwe to decide what they wanted. The people decided that Mugabe must go and the ruling party recalled and asked him to resign according to its constitution and just like MDC recalled Biti and company from parliament. He refused to resign and the people of Zimbabwe through parliament invoked the impeachment process. When he realized there was no way out he then threw in the towel. That is constitutional and not ED/Army pressure. The ruling party in terms of the Constitution chose Munangagwa as the new leader and submitted his name to the speaker as the replacement for Mugabe. How then did Munangagwa impose himself when he was not even in the country. Mugabe by refusing to resign thought he would be forced but no one forced him. ED was voted into power by the ruling party according to its constitution. Were you following events as they occured or you are one of those people who just parrot street talk.

    Both the Chimurnga war and the dissident war were guerrilla movements and that is their similarity. They used the masses as the common shield and source of information. What is mischievous is to insinuate that it was occur for dissidents to operate but unreasonable for the government to try and flush them out. Emotional outbursts do not help us any longer. This was a purely constitutional process and that is why even the High Court, SADC< AU and all leading nations have declared it as such.

  • MukarangawekuMberengwa

    Dambudziko raunaro WIWA imbanje dzokuvuraya . Sei gukurahundi ichingonenegwa mkaranga oga pazvose zvaiitika musingazuwi naSekeramayi aiva Gurukota remauto panguva iyoyo . Ini ndinoti zezuru propaganda vakaibika muvanhu kusvika pakuvona vakaranga imhandu . So unondivudza iwe Shumba vakangoronga voga vakati vanhu veMatebeleland ngavavurawe kana panevamwe tivudze uye vabudise pachena. Isu vaKaranga ruvengo gwamuri kuposhera kunaShumba gwoita tivade chero tavekungovona kuti inhema nokuti hamudi Mkaranga atonge .Kana makangamwira muvurayi wevana vevhu Ian Douglas Smith chii chinotadza kuti vanhu vakangamwire Shumba Mrambwe. Pasi neZezuru Propaganda Pasi nayo.Dai wanyora uchiti we need to Establish a Commission of Enquiry to Investigate theMatebeland Massacre taifamba negwara rimwe tizive chokwadi . Rega Mbanje Wiwa

  • Madhunamutuna

    Bullshit Sikala you are an idiot. Ask Mugabe who was Prime Minister.

  • wilbert

    Mnangagwa is a thug and so are all those around him. If any Zimbabwean are foolish enough to believe he will deliver free and fair elections, this just a charm offensive to cover up for the November coup. Zanu PF is not going to implement even one democratic reform and there will be no free elections!

  • mbumbu

    ko hanzi WIWA ndimi murikumiririra walter kuti haana kuba here,handivo here ma double standards aya

  • Ma1

    Taura hako Mukaranga. Ini handisi Mukaranga it seems WIWA wants to settle his political score. Commission of inquiry is the way forward. Sekeramayi naBobo were as much involved but tongonzwa Munangagwa chete. Let’s judge Munangagwa by his new role and see what he has to offer Zimbabwe. No more divisive politics dzana WIWA.

  • Dm

    Vanhu vakaita semi ndimi mairova vanhu muchipisa dzimba dze vanhu and u are the same people who are now saying it was all done by Mugabe. Let the truth be told. Hanzi ukadziya moto wembavha wave mbavha and we all no that there are people in jail that are there because they were considered to be an accomplice when crimes were committed. If this is true why is it people want to defend Mnangagwa who was Mugabe’s right hand man from well before independence. It is not only about gukurahundi but also about the Shona people that had their house burnt by the army led by Chiwenga. The truth is we are being led by people who belong to jail.

  • Everfaithful

    Its very disturbing to note that the so called educated Zimbabwean masses are failing to see that without the tankers ED would never have tasted the seat of power!Kudos to the military ,he is now the head of state,albeit not elected! Whilst his supporters have rushed to support him,they have remained tight lipped about defeat he suffered in the ballot box in his home town of kwekwe.Maybe they did not see that section of the article.. Lol.They seem oblivious of the happenings of the 2008-election aftermath ,to those found wanting of course.I have just learnt in Zimbabwe ,people tend to stop thinking when it comes to politics and patronage. They can’t for just a second think that others lost relatives,fathers,brothers,sisters and so forth and so forth.To them if anyone is killed and that by ZANU they don’t seem to care !What a shame.Supporting an individual to the point of not feeling a damn thing for fellow country men.To them anyone not thinking like them deserves to die and nobody bothers about the culprits.Such stone age mentality ! Inhuman ,annoying to say the least.And until and unless we start calling a spade a spade we are heading for disaster.As a nation we should learn to respect human whether on the other side of the political jungle or not ,we are still Zimbabweans .At one time these issues will have to be addressed!Trying to blindly support whoever without analysis is counterproductive !

  • Dm

    My brother stop trying to defend Mnangagwa what sikhala said is the truth. Just wait until your father or your brother or yourself gets a bashing from the army and then comment. People have genuine grievances which Mnangagwa and his government has to address. It is true we have not forgotten that it was Chiwenga and company who said this country will not be led by someone who never went to war. Some of us are scared of getting into politics full time because we saw people running away from their homes when soldiers were assigned by Chiwenga working together with Mnangagwa in 2008. These are people who are not willing to repent. You pinpoint gukurahundi nyt sikhala mentioned a lot of points. Mnangagwa is equally responsible like Mugabe for the mess that we are in. We need a new era without these people not a new error. How on earth can you appoint Obert Mpofu in cabinet unless you got a share of the missing $15 billion. Why is Mnangagwa arresting someone with 10 tones of beans worth $8000 and ignore $15 billion. We will continue to b in this mess until we start using our brains. Zanu PF has failed us and it is still the same zanu PF only Mugabe is missing

  • Td

    U seem to agree that it was a government responsibility which Mnangagwa was part of since independence. He is only one of the few Zanu PF leaders who was never removed by Mugabe since independence until recently. Hanzi wadziya Moto wembavha watove mbavha. Can u tell the nation who led the 2008 massacre of innocent people by soldiers and militia? Was it not Mnangagwa and Chiwenga who are now both president and vice.please think before u defend these guys let them defend themselves. By Zimbabwean who doe not have a short memory will not defend these 2 leaders. They do not deserve any vote from any Zimbabwean apart from their family members who are going to directly benefit.

  • cleto

    Haivavo vana sikala makutochembera muchingovukura

  • sarah Mahoka

    Popl who want to go into opposition politics allways start with Gukurahundi,. How unfortunate. We hav th truth and reconciliation act we ar going to see who did whta . I hope Sikhala you will still be abl to raise your face in public . We just had somebody who claimed to have ben a dissident and he brought out he knew of 116 ex zipra combatants who were dissidents despite the claim we hav been hearing that there were no dissidents. he also shed light on who among the Zapu leadrship knew what. Sikhala despite your eagerness to delve into the area I doubt you have any useful information that we do not already know . So shut it and let those who have something say it. I will say this. there are some among our mashonaland people who love to see matebeleland remain outside the feeding trough for their own selfish reasons. In my opinion Sikhala you do not want Matebeleland to be considered the same as other provinces. You want them to be outsiders in their own country while pretending to be for them. Shame on you

  • Timothy Thorton

    You position and feeling can obviously not be mine. As much as you discourage me from defending them you can also not vouch for every one’s thinking. There are many people who think these guys could change Zimbabwe for the better. If you are reading the political mood you would agree with me that ZPF are poised to win the 2018.

  • Zimborig

    Gukurahundi was real, we all agree. However, Sikhala was only 11 in 1987, he must stop telling us his family tales. We were grown ups and we experienced it. We don’t need somebody who was herding goats in Gutu to lie to us on what happened in our region. There was head of state and government, minister of defence, minister of he affairs, minister of state security…What was the role played by each of these. I know your father did not know about these and he forgot to tell you. But as a learned lawyer, you know and you are trying to decieve us because you read somewhere that Zimbabweans have an IQ that is below average. Some of us can see it through your essay and we cannot be deceived by young man who were told incomplete stories of gukurahundi.

  • Rd

    The fact that everyone who is against this article is highlighting the gukurahundi issue means that it is widely acknowledged. He mentioned a number of facts let me hear what Sarah and company have to say about the other facts he mentioned. Musangovukura about one item we want your view about the other issues. The truth is the guys in power have a lot to answer for and you are just singing for them. Majaira kungoti rovai vanhu without addressing their issues. Sikhala mentioned Rugare Gumbo and also 2008 and he also mentioned Lookout Masuku but only gukurahundi sticks out for all who are against this article because it is the biggest one . Mnangagwa start asking for ideas on how to address this rather than brushing them off .

  • Dm

    What we know about his new role is he used our army to fix zanu PF issues. Our army must never be involved in the affairs of any political party. He said mu Zanu unodzingwa . Now we unodzingwa and then u abuse our army to gain power.deny it. This is written boldly all over Zimbabwe for those who care to read

  • Tafirenyika

    Job is a perennial fool, who stupidly thinks he can gain a cheap political goal by resorting to this emotional issue. Is this not the same idiot who foolishly justified his irresponsible breeding of kids by saying that Mugabe wanted to castrate him? Why do people take this mental case seriously? I hope he eventually managed to buy a bed or got one from Chiyangwa.

  • sarah Mahoka

    Where have you been already munangagwa doing so.ething. we have a peace and reconciliation act. What are you yourself doi g? Just making noise about nothing

  • mai Chibwe

    OK let me start by pointing out that you have judged Job on his history, which you know and we do not and NOT on what he has said which you choose to ignore based on what you know of him and his history.

    Myself along with those of us you question, choose to judge Mnangagwa based on his history, which we know and have experienced, ad NOT on what he says now which we choose to ignore, based on his history.

    So why do you suppose your version is the more correct? This is a genuine question so whether you choose to describe my mental prowess in similar terms as those you used for Job, (which I would not at all mind) do please coherently answer my question as I am one of those who would like to hold my national leader in much higher esteem than I do now. Also it would be progressive if we all could regard our leader as an honourable man.

    I implore you to take your tie to enlighten us on this important issue since you already have the view that all of us would like to hold for our leaders. I thank you.

  • mai Chibwe

    Very eloquently and factually put. Who is this guy? I cannot find a good brief of him, but he seems to be a good person. I fear the army could arrest him soon. as truth is not allowed in Zimbabwe.

  • Dm

    If u do not want us to talk about Mnangagwa ‘s past then he must also stop persecuting G40 .u say it is nothing bcoz it is Mnangagwa but u arrest someone for 10 tonnes of beans. Double standards. Why is he not talking about 15 billion

  • Dm

    Peace and reconciliation act means nothing when we are told soldiers are going to campaign

  • caleb2011

    I am very busy to keep on repeating myself. The problem is that the military’s conduct during the Gukurahundi era was unreasonable. For the country to move forward ED need to accept that & apologize. Alternatively to compensate families affected by this thuggery messacre of innocent civilians.

  • Tafirenyika

    Mai Chibwe, you are a person whose posts I have not missed to read because they have been incisive and sagacious, despite the fact that they are always energy-sapping due to their length. Since when have you become this hollow and empty? I am persuaded to believe that this not you, but an imposter.

    Let me clearly submit that I have not defended ED to a verge of precluding people from holding him accountable. What I have, however, assailed is the stupidity of certain fools, Wiwa included, to heap blame of the sad chapter of our history on ED alone. More saddening and poignant is the fact that people speculate on ED’s actual criminal responsibility. As a lawyer, as he masquerades to be, Job should know better the notion of command responsibility. ED could not have carried that operation, if he was ever part of it, without the blessing of the then Prime Minister. This does not mean that I exonerate him from being individually criminally responsible, if he perpetrated any atrocities.
    The other point that fools on this forum stupidly avoid to admit is the reality of dissidents in that part of our country. A lot of people, my cousin included, were murdered by the dissidents. Did you expect the authorities to fold their arms and look the other side? As long as idiots like Job want to rubbish people for parochial and puerile purposes, Tafirenyika will go on attack.

  • Cde Chaurura

    Did you see any credible evidence in his letter to justify the accusations. I mean evidence, not stories about bibles. Why did noone go to the Courts?

    The People will determine this year whom they hold in higher esteem.

  • sarah Mahoka

    Who told you? You people need to differentiate the statements from the president from some of his aides that still harbour old zanupf ways. ED is going to implement. Fullscale all the reforms. The reason being he knows the opposition is at its weakest. They have no presidential candidate. There is going to be very peaceful elections.

  • mai Chibwe

    Thanks. We seem to agree that the higher responsibility lies elsewhere. However
    1 Mnangagwa is also highly responsible and was the face of the project. As such he should have prioritised this issue more than that of corruption
    which he is visibly pretending to look like he is addressing vogorously.

    2 A trained soldier knows the difference between a dissident and a retiree and a child. Explain how it happened that people who could not possibly been dissidents died in such large numbers compared to those who could.

    3 Why is Mnangagwa skirting round the issue? Why not address it head on and explain all aspects of it publicly and introduce measure to address unity?

    Apologies for length. This is one issue which is the reason for me hating ZANU PF and I blame Mnangagwa more than Mugabe.

  • sarah Mahoka

    G40 must payback what they stole

  • mai Chibwe

    Totally separate issue. We are discussing a single issue. Voting is a multi-issue thing.
    As for evidence that results in courts, I think you are joking about people’s lives. I do not like to talk to you like this because I respect people I reply to. Those I don’t I actually do not read at all what they write. Is why i find it hard to respond like this to you in particular.

    I am not opposition member and neither am I ZANU PF. I do not believe it is rational to be a card holder as that limits rational choice at voting.

  • sarah Mahoka

    Which army? The one with war vets at he top. Hama yangu it will take a long time to divorcearmy from patriotic front.Ndivo varidzi vemusangano.your army yaunoti yours used liberation credentials to promote people within it. So top ranks are liberation heroes. Identify for me a high ra king real high ank without liberation credentials

  • sarah Mahoka

    Mnangagwa ndiye une yese. And will win2018

  • sarah Mahoka

    You coveniently forget zimbabweans were very happy the army rescued us from a possible Grace Mugabe presidency.We are appy with the new order.we will ote for them

  • sarah Mahoka

    The real mai Chibwe is clickable. This is an impostor

  • sarah Mahoka

    Sikhala of mdc99?. Sikhala who has now found his voice in a gukurahundi post after saying he was opting out of politics. He had no support. Now wants to come back piggy backing on gukurahundi. Munangagwa bringing truth and reconcialiton so truth can come ione munosara nei. Mugabe gone. Clueless opposition

  • Dm

    U ar willing to judge others by their past except ED why? If u are willing to do that with ED then tell him to stop persecuting others for their past

  • sarah Mahoka

    Aaaa the country is poor because of them . we want our money back

  • Munya Shonhai

    True to that, he should represent himself and those like minded not all Zimbabweans as he puts it.

  • Munya Shonhai

    Mnangagwa was not commander in chief of the army. Ask the then commander in chief.

  • Munya Shonhai

    Obviously we read somewhere in this publication that Jonso is organizing a come back and he is using some people outside and inside Zimbabwe. It’s not surprising that the likes of Job Sikhala is one of those on a crusade to destabilize the government run by Mnangagwa. All the issues Job is raising now, are they new to him or to anyone for that matter. Why didn’t Job ask these questions all along before the new government. Was Job afraid of Mugabe that he finds it much easier to attack Mnangagwa for the things and deeds of Mugabe who was the commander in chief. Are you telling me Mnangagwa was more powerful than Mugabe during Mugabe’s tenure of office. It becomes apparent that Job Sikhala is being used by his connection Jonso to destabilize the present govervenment. Job Sikhala is a G40 representative and is working to destroy the leadership of Ngwena. I know about the gukurawhindi and why it was coined that name. Dissidents were real and the government of the day had a mandate to defend its territorial integrity. The modus of operant is what we can talk about, the indiscriminate killing is what we can talk about but not blaming the wrong person who was not the commander in chief.
    For those who missed this article here it is:
    This article was first publish by the Southern Eye on the 16th of September 2014. #TBT

    Independence in Zimbabwe was not a time for jubilation for most ex-combatants as some found homes they had left intact destroyed and families killed, leaving them with nowhere to go.

    For the majority of Zipra cadrés, independence in 1980 was not good news as their political wing Zapu had lost the first elections to Zanu PF.

    Scores of Zipra combatants were butchered or incarcerated for no apparent reason between 1981 to 1984 and some disappeared never to be seen again.

    One former notorious dissident Tennyson Ndlovu, who was widely known as Thambolenyoka, told Southern Eye from his base in Fiabusi, Insiza district, that 1980 evokes pain and misery Zipra combatants suffered for liberating this country.

    Ndlovu, whose guerrilla name was Hezel Magendlela, said when he returned to Zimbabwe after independence, he found nobody at his former home, but only the smell of gun powder as his family had been killed during the war.

    “I had to start afresh begging from here and there. Those that were alive expected something from me, but life was just difficult for me and everybody at that time,” Ndlovu said.

    He said becoming a bandit or an insurgent was not by choice, but was caused by the prevailing political situation at that time as Zanu and Zapu were at each other’s throats.

    Ndlovu said after independence in 1980, he entered the country through Livingstone, Zambia, and became commander of a battalion after their leader was killed by the Rhodesia Special Branch at the border town.

    He assumed command and led his men and women to the Gwayi River Mine in Matabeleland North.

    While in Gwayi, the battalion was put on identification parade where some combatants were picked up by the special branch and were never seen again.

    He said the remaining members of his battalion were sent to Llewellyn Barracks (present day Imbizo) in Bulawayo where others were integrated and some were sent to a camp called Juliet in Gwanda.

    Some were absorbed into the Zimbabwe National Army and the rest were sent back to Gwayi.

    “I got to Zimbabwe via Livingstone and my battalion commander was killed along the way and l took over the command. We proceeded to Gwayi River Mine where some of my members disappeared after an identification parade by the special branch,” Ndlovu said.

    “I left for Bulawayo where l thought we were going to be integrated, but was later sent to Gwanda and back to Gwayi. I was demobilised in 1982.”

    Ndlovu said he found a job at National Foods where he worked until 1985 at the height of the Gukurahundi genocide.

    One day going home after work, Ndlovu said he saw a long queue of people forced to line up by soldiers who were identifying Zipra and Zapu cadrés.

    Sensing danger, Ndlovu said he and a colleague he only identified as Sibindi went to the late Vice-President Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo’s Pelandaba house to enquire about what was going on.

    “The queues stretched from Lobengula West to the city centre and soldiers were trying to identify former Zipra and Zapu cadrés. I and a colleague went to Nkomo’s house in Pelandaba to ask the way forward after realising the harassment and we were advised that if we had ulomklampunzi, usebenzise (a knobkerrie, use it).

    “l went to Thenjiwe Lesabe in Gumtree where l was directed to go and join some revolutionaries at Silobini in Esigodini,” Ndlovu said.

    He operated with 30 other ex-combatants in Matabeleland South.

    “This time l was not reporting to anyone anymore, but to my conscience as l did not want to tarnish the name of Zapu and in the group l was the commissar where information was always at my fingertips,” he said.

    “We fought to bring the two parties to talk and we achieved that. The type of operation was different because Zapu was responsible for organising civilians for us to get what we needed as guerrillas, but as revolutionaries we had to use money and calves stolen from the whites to get what we wanted.

    “I remember one day I got to tall grass and when I was clearing the way using my hands in the Halisupi area of Gwanda, l touched an elephant which trumpeted, but it did not attack me.

    “During that time, we were everywhere; you could hear of my presence in Plumtree and in Filabusi within a day.

    During the operations we had to apply commando tactics whereby we operated in threes or at times individually depending on the situation on the ground. We constantly monitored the goings-on through newspapers, radio and through people.

    “We also monitored parliamentary sessions up to the time of the signing of Unity Accord and the declaration of our amnesty,” Ndlovu said.

    He said a total of 116 dissidents laid down their weapons in 1988 after the announcement of an amnesty and of the 30 that operated in Matabeleland South, 24 returned while the others died in action.

    After the amnesty, Ndlovu integrated well into the society and held several posts in the war veterans’ association and in Zanu PF.

    Presently, Ndlovu is a farmer and a Zanu PF councillor for Ward 14 in Insiza serving a second term.

    Ward 14 covers Fort Rixon and Makhandeni.

    He is married with 12 children and 20 grandchildren.

  • simbarashe

    hallucination are not facts. This cooked strory by a political crook who is seeking relevance through smear campaign on Ngwena. People were killed by the the then commander in chief Period. We cannot blame subordinates who were sent to do their Job. MDC 99 political whore wants to gain mileage. Shame on you Jobless Job who because of your greediness you are busy representing G40 Zanupf thieves.

  • simbarashe

    so in 1983 he was 6 years. So what truth can he tell us on Gukurahundi. stupid fool who is applying for bashing and clobbering so that he can receive donor funds. MDC podigal son. Shitbet

  • simbarashe

    the army removed mugabe. they didnt install Ngwena. Zanu through their processes install Ngwena. These are the facts no street talk orr bar talk.

  • kaguvi

    uyu murotomoki mkuru chaiye re-read the constitution again kana wakatomboiverenga or kunzwa nezvayo

  • kaguvi

    as it is ryt now akomana compensation yacho inobvepi nyika ine almost 70% budget deficit don’t be an opportunists…ridiculous thinking


    Job Stop the nonsense. The Ndebele started the whole game.

    A detailed report of why Gukurahundi happened

    The British engineered Gukurahundi Massacres: Brian Sheriff Forgive me for my pain but I am 100% certain that anybody who witnessed the killings like I did will never forgive you for publishing this report.
    To begin with the very head of the report – Bishop Callan, led the police to my house and ordered them to destroy it. He did not shy away from telling my screaming mother that god did not make for inter-racial marriages. The crime was so shocking that Doctor Mazorodze who came to our rescue entered the struggle that day for black freedom from Rhodesia.
    The catholic commission has simply been used to publish a report that in most cases bares little resemblance to what transpired in Zimbabwe. To begin with the killings began in Chitungwiza and Seke in September 1980. I am sure you have no knowledge of this.
    There were two ZAPU/ZANU army integration camps. And one afternoon without warning – David Madondo (ex-Dynamos) and I barely escaped with our lives – when ZAPU began to toss hand grenades at the ZANU men. 3 men died instantly and a number suffered serious wounds. The grenades had been given to ZAPU by British men in uniform.
    The attacks took place again the next day – a few minutes after 12:30 like the day before. This time pistols were also used. And all the men in the camps were supposed to be unarmed.
    For the next two months Seke was a daily killing ground! And nobody in the so-called independent press has ever mentioned this fact of our history.
    For me a teenage youth officer with the Mashonland Provincial Authority (headed by Ernest Tsomondo, later Secretary of Home Affairs) the experience was unforgetable.
    For days I had to run from the Seke/Dema road to Delport Rd (across from Kustaga Research Centre) because no vehicles could drive past Chitungwiza Shopping Centre. And the ex-Rhodesian army would not lend a hand. The Support Unit seemed to be under orders to stop any ZANU from crossing the Hunyani River…
    Somebody was assisting and controlling ZAPU in its massacre of unarmed ZANU fighters.
    And what you conveniently seem to forget is that the two camps were specifically for selecting the men who would form the 5th Brigade. BOTH ZAPU AND ZANU made up the 5th Brigade, Are you aware of this fact?
    The men were taken to Nyanga for training. And they were not trained by North Korea. Let me explain. They were trained by British and Australian instructors. Please read on and I’ll enlighten you.
    By March 1981 I had entered the Support Unit as a runner together with Tap Jonga. While I was at Morris Depot for training in winter of 1981 a white army captain ( who had just resigned and received his full pension) planted timed explosives in the Inkomo Garrison bomb dump causing massive destruction and casualties… South Africa gave him full citizenship and honor.
    In October 1981 I moved to Chikurubi just about the time Joshua Nkomo’s Nijo Tomato Farm in Borrowdale was reported to have been digging deep holes in the tomato greenhouses. The local police went to check and were shot at. Support Unit went to investigate and discovered tons of weapons buried in the tomato beds.
    Nkomo claimed it was some renegade ZAPU youth fighters. Mugabe was depressed. I mean depressed. He couldn’t understand how ZAPU had been able to carry all the weapons out of the British controlled armories. The CIO which was still controlled by the same Rhodesian men went to interview the top two ZAPU men – Masuku and Moyo. They responded in the same manner Nkomo did.
    By now the security people were starting to suspect that ZAPU may have been behind the disappearance of the six British truck touring men who had not been seen since 1980 (in Nakai area).
    The head of Support Unit (Ian Hogg) instructed his men to check all ZAPU farms in Mashonaland. ZAPU cried foul. The international press called Mugabe a paranoid man. But a few days later the press fell silent when tons of weapons were dug out of the ZAPU farm in Karoi.
    Britain convenietly shut its mouth.
    And why do you think the farm checks were ordered in the first place? This is the sin of you anti-Mugabe journalists.
    Kenneth Kaunda asked Mugabe what he should do with ZAPU’s fighter jets in Zambia.
    Mugabe was levid! ZAPU had never declared owning jets during all talks at Lancaster House. And Tiny Rowland (head of LonRho) who was paying for anti-Mugabe press reports tried to playdown Nkomo’s knowledge of the fighters. But Mugabe had had enough. He publicly called for anymore hidden ZAPU facts to be released.
    In 1980 the Russians had handed over to Zimbabwe a letter they’d received from the two top military commanders of ZAPU asking for help in overthrowing ZANU stating that this would guarantee ZANU’s ability to repay Russia for the weapons. ZAPU had signed a contract to repay Russia through resource concessions, like Rhodesia had done with BP and the likes…
    In late 1980 David Madondo, George Nechironga, Enias Chigwedere (then head master of Goromonzi high school) and I had been staying across from the house in which the two ZAPU military heads were detained. Lookout Masuku and his partner… they had no guards. The house was a basic cottage for patrol officers. It had a fence left over from the war days but other than that it wasn’t a prison as described by the catholics…
    Meals were delivered by a police officer from Goromonzi. This may explain why Lookout Masuku went on to serve the country.
    My job was to take care of children who had been returned from Mozambique in 1980. They were in camps in Mtoko, Mrewa, Musami… so I had very personal contact with the reintergration process of war afflicted – including those in Matabeleland (which was controlled by another provincial authority). The press is totally forgetting the first two years of our independence. It wasn’t a happy experience.
    In late 1981 ZAPU hit ZANU in full and unexpected force. CONEMARA MINE army intergration camp across from HUNTER’S ROAD KweKwe. Again another personal nightmare. Tap Jonga, Farai Kamucheka, Sabvelo Ncube, myself and a few other Support Unit athletics team members were returning from Shurugwi on a Sunday evening when we suddenly came across a road full of blood covered men.
    They were all over the road, walking as if in a drugged stupor… heading towards KweKwe. They were only a kilometre from Connemara Mine. They were just shocking! “They’re butchering us…” is all they could say. The British are giving ZAPU weapons somebody said.
    It was the same thing as I’d seen in Seke a year before. And this time the old Rhodesian forces (who made up the Zimbabwean Army) took note. Support Unit were first to react. Heading to Connemara in thee middle of thee night only to fight ZAPU had all been taken away in vehicles of some kind by unknown people. A few thosuand ZAPU had simply vanished.
    Three days later the same thing happened in the Entumbane camp (a camp similar to the Seke camp in terms of being located in the middle of a residential area).
    Support Unit sent troops. There was an intensive killing spree by ZAPU. And by now the foreign press were in a state of confusion. Luveve, Mpopoma… Bhala Bhala… ZAPU were mass murdering unarmed ZANU and doing it while they slept. Mugabe called for Nkomo to explain.
    He instead left the country through Tiny Rowland’s help and went on to lie about how he got into Botswana. Mugabe asked Margret Thatcher to do something about it. Instead she insulted him. This was as much as Zimbabwe could take. Afterall when six white officers were arrested for questioning about the buring of six new trainer jets just purchased from Britain Thatcher called Mugabe a dictator…
    Assuming that the massacres were over since all the ZAPU in the camps had mysteriously crossed into Transvaal Support Unit returned most of the troops to regular patrols only to have in late 1981 ZAPU 5th Brigade members murdered their ZANU colleagues in their sleep.
    And this time Support Unit believed ZAPU had no way of escaping from so far into Manicaland. But we were wrong. South African helicpoters flew them into Mozambique. Those that weren’t involved in the killings and stayed behind were discharged from the 5th Brigade. And strangely no ZImbabwean media representative talks about this fact.
    The British and Australian instructors were kicked out and Mugabe called North Korea…
    The fact that Gukurahundi is called the mass killing of innocent people in Matabeleland is a deliberate misrepresentation of Zimbabwe’s history. For one year at least after the massacres the 5th Brigade simply trained in Nyanga. And a big war was being waged in the south west of Zimbabwe. Check your archives!
    The international community called Mugabe a liar for reporting that South Africa was sending thousands of ZAPU fighters to wage war with ZImbabwe. The first incident happened when Support Unit’s Juliet Troop ran into a group of about 50 armed fighters in Mwenezi. 27 fighters were killed. And a fifteen year old boy fighter had his arm shot off. He was the only one captured.
    Mugabe had a press conference to expose the fact to the world press but it was simply ignored. The media seemed to know what it was doing. The cross border infiltrators started to enter from Botswana too.
    Support Unit and 4 Battalion began to have daily contacts. Regardless of how ZAPU fighters got killed the British simply published utter lies that no such fighting was going on in ZImbabwe. And this is were your catholic commission report fits in.
    In 1983 (?) the infiltrators started to include whites in heavy black facial camoflouge. The press called the Zimbabwean reports nonsense. But then the 4th Bat. killed John Wessels and five other white Rhodesians in full black face paint. They’d crossed the border from Kruger National Park.
    Mugabe called the press to view the bloated bodies. Instead of coming forward the press called Mugabe a savage.
    The fighters started to murder Shona people in the Mwenzi, Chibi, Zvishavane, Gwanda, Kezi, Plumtree/
    Embakwe areas. Anybody that spoke Shona was killed in a brutal way. Entire farm work forces were thrown into wells – and Support Unit Sub-aqua team was tasked with recovering the bodies.
    In one day we stopped at 65 bodies out of a well in the Gwanda district. We had hundreds of bodies in water filled mineshafts in the Collen Bawn and Antelope Mine areas… white farmers, missionaries, police station crews were butchered in broad daylight. In the Lupane and Nakai districts the killings were horrendous!
    The Shangani, Turk Mine, For Rixon, Nyamandlovu areas were certain death zones. We had Support Unit details on every farm. And to make matters worse the very people who were called victims of Gukurahundi by the catholic commission were the very people killed by ZAPU fighters.
    I recall the murder of Dr. Peter Gradwell, his 15 year old niece and her 9 year old friend in Plumtree in 1983… shot dead while checking the cows by ZAPU fighters. Dr. Gradwell was the chief architect of the Rhodesian theory on black inferiority – a theory used by the US and Britain to abuse Zimbabwe today.
    During all these killings the international press refused to acknowledge one bit the fact that South Africa was waging a severe war with Zimbabwe through ZAPU and Rhodesians. The military response to the ZAPU war was not and never called GUKURAHUNDI! The fact that you continue to call it such proves beyond doubt that your are totally ignorant of ZImbabwean history.
    It was called Operation Chinyavada (implying the scorpion bites back). The 5th Brigade only went into Matabeleland when South Africa boasted assisting the ZAPU 5th Brigade members in their escape…
    In fact the 5th Brigade was geared for action along the Beira Corridor and Nyamapanda to Malawi route. If the catholic commission did any investigation it would have included the Support Unit in any charges because every operation was conducted as a joint Support Unit/5th Brigade operation. And there was always a Ndebele speaker in the group. The claims of langauge problems are total bogus!
    Pius Ncube should be ashamed for lying. He clearly knows that ZAPU mass murdered hundreds of ndebele accusing them of accepting the election defeat of 1980.
    If you’re in doubt go to north Transvaal and see how many ‘stateless’ ZAPU are still stuck there. Doctor Barson who injected SUpport Unit’s India Troop with HIV (at Maleme Dam) can be interviewed if you’re in doubt.
    I was almost murdered by white ZRP officers when I reported the HIV injections.
    Inspector Bebe of Support Unit (from my own understanding) was the first person to die of AIDS in Zimbabwe. Check with the presidents office.
    Nobody has ever talked about the first victim but I am sure who it was. He died in October 1985, three years after getting injected in what he and his troop had been told was a general anti-malaria vaccine (through the Danish NGO DAPP). And this explains Mugabe’s dislike for NGO’s.
    The history of Zimbabwe is not a guessing game. If you didn’t witness it I suggest you leave it alone.

  • caleb2011

    Which constitution are you blabbering about? I know the constitution but not that one that imposed Emmerson Mnangagwa into power. Is a coup lawful in Zimbabwe? Maybe l am mistaken.

  • caleb2011

    Use common sense. I used the word ‘alternatively’ to show that they are other avenues to solve this issue.


    You are an idiot. Since when has a person (Nkomo, as you claim) who leads bandits that are bent on overthrowing a govt not arrested and taken to Court?

    In Angola, Savimbi was shot dead when found in the bush. In Mozambique Alphonso Dhlakama would never have been let off the hook had they caught up with him during his MNR banditry campaigns.

    In Zim, the so called “dissident leader” lived in the city in his house untouched – where have you seen that?

    Similarly Mujuru was accused of many things, yet was never touched.

    Only in Gukurahundi Zimbabwe are such accusations believed by stupid ignorant Shonas.

    No wonder Mugabe took advantage of you Shona people. You love propaganda too much!!


    Are you Mnangagwa with your “us”?

  • Peter Chakwenya

    Awesome response especially this part-awesome awesome-maybe I can vote this year based of this fact -I have never since 1980 -serously-I do not have an idea what takes place in the voting Booth -ever because “”I am not opposition member and neither am I ZANU PF. I do not believe it is rational to be a card holder as that limits rational choice at voting.”””!!!!

  • Peter Chakwenya

    I heard they had gone to see Tsvangirai to want him to agree to postpone elections for three years not “goodwill”-scared I guess the repeat of 2008-and you have this saying “”The reason being he knows the opposition is at its weakest. “” Wow wow kkkk -I am just standing watching-no benefit from whoever,yesterday ,today or tomorrow-it like no woman no cry for me in my life -but I enjoy reading some moronic thinking of some of us!! kkkkkkk

  • Peter Chakwenya

    What a miserable Man,I tell you !KuMhondoro tomuti Zimaera! kkkkkkk