Sipepa Nkomo Embarrassed at Tsvangirai Home

humiliated…Sipepa Nkomo

Staff Reporter| Newly elected National People’s Party (NPP) Second Vice President Samuel Sipepa Nkomo was on Wednesday afternoon heavily embarrassed as he turned up at his former boss Morgan Tsvangirai’s home for the coalition Memorandum Of Understanding signing ceremony hours after the event had taken place.

Sources at the former Prime Minister’s government owned mansion told that the disgraced Sipepa Nkomo arrived in a huff almost two hours after his current boss Joice Mujuru and team had signed the MOU and left the MDCT leader’s home.

According to the sources, security personnel had initially refused to let Sipepa Nkomo through claiming not to know him and did not have his name on the guests. Tsvangirai eventually authorised the security team to let him through.

The sources say that Tsvangirai expressed shock at Sipepa’s late arrival for the ceremony and lack of communication between him and his party in his capacity as Vice President.

Mujuru had however been accompanied to the signing ceremony by First Vice President Mvundura, National Chairman Dzikamai Mavhaire and Cuthbert Dube who incidentally lost the Second Vice Presidency to Nkomo in the recent internal party elections.

Sipepa Nkomo and Tsvangirai last met some three years ago when Nkomo led a group of rebellious MDCT members to a National Executive Committee meeting at Mandel Training Centre where he declared himself the interim leader of the MDCT and announced the “dismissal” of Tsvangirai from the party.

Nkomo was however himself eventually officially dismissed from the party leading to the formation of the MDC Renewal party which he led on an interim basis before the party officially emerged as the People’s Democratic Party led by Tendai Biti. Nkomo dumped the party mid last year to join the Mujuru led NPP where he was recruited to take over the Vice President position.

Relations between Nkomo and Tsvangirai have never mended since the Mandel Training Centre “alleged coup” and all eyes are watching how the two will work together in formulating the envisaged 2018 coalition arrangements.

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  • Patrick Guramatunhu

    The formation of the coalition was supposed to be the easy bit, the coalition’s real big task was to get the reforms necessary for free and fair elections implemented. Now it is already clear that the forming of the coalition is already proving to be a bridge to far for these opposition politicians.

    Tsvangirai has failed to bring along the likes of Khupe to accept the coalition because she and others will not want to give any of the seats in Bulawayo to the likes of Welshman Ncube. Mujuru has her problems with those in her party from Bulawayo area who seemed to have been left out of the talks so far!

    We want reforms and none of this coalition nonsense!

    The people of Zimbabwe are being conned into going into these flawed elections on false claims that the coalition will stop Zanu PF ridding the elections! The people must make their position very clear – they do not want the elections until something has been done to ensure they are free, fair and credible!

  • Lizard kaHungwe

    Can someone be kind enough to shed light on Cuthbert Dube,which Cuthbert are talking about here ,l hope its not the medical aid thief

  • Patrick Guramatunhu

    Could well be!