STUNNER ROW: Olinda’s Backside Exposed


Ray Nkosi | A woman named Amina Jessub Arab who is said to be Dion’s mother’s friend has hit back at Olinda Chapel telling her she has the backside that looks like an ironing board.

Firstly you got a body like a shapeless green pepper, Pokello wanna be, head like a bag of *hit, and a behind that looks like an ironing board. Unoti hunu hwe chikharadhi iwe uri mwana akahurwa nemurungu cause Chapel ain’t a black…you a racist looking for pitty..” wrote the aunt.

Olinda recently came out to attack her ex-husband Stunner who she now accuses of having an affair with Dion’s best friend. In the same breadth Olinda also claims Dion used juju from Mozambique to snatch her man.

The aunt had no kind words for Olinda telling her to get a banana if she can’t get a man.

Her unedited printed words were, “Olinda nonsense Chapel!, aka Miss Social Media Crap..You bed hoped.. married 3 times,you don’t say all those 3 men were wrong and only you remain Correct. By now the World is tired of hearing your jazz,” she wrote.


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