STUNNER SEX TRIANGLE: Horror As Olinda Cracks Stunner’s Lover’s Phone, Abortions And More Lovers Revealed




Posted by ZimEye on Friday, February 17, 2017

Ray Nkosi | Olinda Chapel previously known as Mai Chideme got hold of Stunner’s (Desmond Chideme) lover’s phone. The drama has now reached another level.

She put a sim card in the phone, only to get the back up of messages Stunner had with his lover. According to Olinda on a LIVE stream as she read messages live on Facebook the girlfriend had an abortion last week. She also read messages of the lover with other men who she was having sex with, including records of the girl going to Stunner’s house for sex, with rent paid for by Olinda.

Olinda who is really hurt and has reached the final straw gives orders to her brother to do what he wants with Stunner. “You know guys I do not even an evil born in me, today Desmond Chideme you are going to ask for forgiveness I am going to show you the power of money.” More to follow…



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  • Lilcheeks

    Olinda, be dignified. Enough is enough. Move on

  • Matuzvi

    Iwe iwe she is dignified. .Lil cheeks amai vako ndoovasiri dignified . Shaw the mother fucker the power of money. ..olinda

  • Langabi Shakespear Ngomane

    Long distance relationships can never succeed especially with loser celebrities who are after money.

  • Langabi Shakespear Ngomane

    Mkoma Simba, sorry hako. On behalf of the Zimeye followers I apologise for what you’ve had to put up with.

  • Quartermaster Wacho

    She deserves to be cheated on mukadzi mukuru anoswera update shit on FB she had kids, how about a little self respect, as long as you behave like this you a forever a joki calm down and be diginfied….