#Tajamuka PROTEST: Chihuri Panics, Barricades ZEC Offices


By Staff Reporter |  Armed police on Tuesday barricaded the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission offices ahead of a planned #Tajamuka protest at the the Rita Makarau led electoral body.

ZimEye.com witnessed the armed police restricting people from loitering arround the area.

“Can you please find somewhere to stand which is not near this place, because there is something which is about to happen,”one of the armed police officers told journalists who where standing by the ZEC gate.

The reporters did not move away but rather advised the police that they were also doing there job at ZEC.

#Tajamuka leader Promise Mkwananzi later arrived at ZEC offices and was allowed to enter after more than 20 minutes of interrogations by the police.

Inside ZEC offices Mkwananzi spent another 20 minutes and came out without being harrased.

ZimEye.com, could not talk to Mkwananzi as he was quickly whisked away by his colleagues.

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  • Nomusa Garikai

    Does #Tajamuka people really believe that ZEC, as it is presently constituted, can ever deliver free, fair and credible elections?

    As it is presently constituted ZEC, like the other State Institutions like the Police, Judiciary, etc., is nothing more than just another department of Zanu PF whose principle task is to ensure no-regime-change. This is why NERA and now #Tajamuka demands for ZEC to change have all been a futile waste of time because the real change in ZEC’s performance will have to start with the structural reforms designed to sever the corrupting influence of State President of ZEC.