Traverse And Abuse Of Justice, The Case Of Jonathan Moyo


j-moyoBy Anglistone T Sibanda |In as much l have never subscribed nor supported kleptocratic systems and regimes and that is one of the reasons l have never dreamt myself voting for ZANU PF l am warry of the abuse of office and selected application of the law in the case of the charges against Proff Moyo.

I do not condone corruption nor do l seek to suggest that he is innocent in the charges against him where it alleged that he and his team misused and benefited from the Zimdef Fund.

Proff Moyo can defend himself on those allegations but l am trying to put accross a point that as society we should not be naive nor should we be quick to assume that things are always the way they look like.

The Zimbabwean political landscape is marred with too many complexities and it is not wise to make easy conclusions that one plus one equals two. In the Zimbabwean politics the sum total of an addition is not always constant, the answer changes depending on who gave it.
There is what is called the ‘system’ that is in charge of the state and in some cases some politicians are just the face of a faceless but ruthless system that has the capacity to brutalize even its own gatekeepers and gladiators.

Proff Moyo is credited of having spun the political landscape in favor of ZANU PF but as this turn out to be l think he was merely a mouthpiece and a face of the invisible brutal ‘system’.
Having turned against the entrenched ‘system’ by attempting to decide on who takes offer state power in the inevitable event of the depature of Robert Mugabe from active politics through numerous means, the learned Politician set himself and his colleagues against tge system. This is not new and perculiar to Zimbabwe where spin doctors of a system end up being victims of the same system.

History is littered with numerous such examples. Characters such as Robe Spearer faced the guillotin despite having been the brains behind the French Revolution in 1789.
People like Leon Trosky went into forced disapearences in Russia as Joseph Stalin saught to eliminate all his percieved opponents.

I wrote in one article that my fear is that the political waters in Zimbabwe have become Lacoste infested and it is very risky to navigate or later on swim in the waters like what the Prof and his team are doing, risking the jaws of the crocodile that he said in his twits sometime last year is ‘an ambitious lizard’.

Little did the Prof know or he had forgotten that the same ‘ambitious lizard’ has not repented.
It is the same cruel, tactical, calculative, brutal, heartless, greedy, selfish and tribalistic repitile that in fact set up the so called ‘system’ at it inception together with the likes on Ken Flower.

The same repitile that devowed his father, Mr Mlevu of Tsholotsho, Njini Ntuta, Ndlumbi Mpofu and over 20000 Matabeles is still in charge of the system through patronate and the comrade in crime philosophy where criminals must always defend each other because they have the same interests.

To me it appears to be a well calcuted move by Lacoste to victimize the man who perhaps is yet to come heal from the trauma of the loss of his father during Gukurahundi and his daughter just a year ago.

I am not trying to play a sympathy card for Moyo but as a human being l am interogating issues in light of the information that is in the public domain.

The 1986 Willogate scandal, no one was arrested, Kangai maize scandal, Chikowore scandal, Masinirembwa scandal, Marange diamondse’$15 billion scandal among so many scandals that have rocked Zimbabwe rarely have we seen the law being applied but why now? Why Prof Moyo?

To me it seems that his G40 project set him against the system and l am worried that the same people trying to apply justice are actually the worst in as far as justice is concerned.
Its a war of a gang of thieves where one is being attacked to taking aim at dethroning the gang leader.

Let us not be fooled, Zanu PF and its godfather are not keen in investiting and dealing with corruption but are simply using or abusing state institutions and resorces to fight factional battles.
Vice President Mnangagwa is also the minister of Justice and we cannot expect fairness in the application of justice in cases where the offenders are his political opponents.
In as much as most people in the opposition parties and civil society may celebrate the targeting of Moyo, it does not mean ZanuPF wants to end corruption..they have to interest in that but their interest is in grabbing state power for the perpetuation of kleptomania.
It is now up to Robert Mugabe to decide whether he wants to appease Matabeleland by comsetic approaches through pardoning Moyo thus tamming him and turning him into a puppet and crushing his ego or to let crocodile pounce of him through the charges.
As a person from Matabeleland l would by saying, ‘good attempt Mfoka Mlevu’ but you have been attempting the impossible, best leave Zanu to its owners or risk even your own life you have learnt a lesson.

Views expressed in this article are personal and do not represent any instituitional opinion.
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  • Timothy Thorton

    It is fine to pretend that you are not in support of anyone and then go on a barrage of personal attacks and name calling and expect us to believe you. You are obviously biased and cannot give a balanced assessment of what is at play. Perhaps you do not know , Fredrick Shava was arrested, prosecuted and convicted on the Wollogate Scandal, the Kangai saga was a political issue where those who were not in the know wanted to attribute a cabinet decision to one man and the courts were able to prove that. Everyone knows what happened to Paweni. If you do not know he died in prison. The Misimirembwa case was a typical difficult case to prove. If he got the money it could not be proved because it was done in a smart way with all traces removed. That is how most deals are done (In any case the people involved were criminals themselves and no court would have entertained that case).The $15 billion diamond revenue is what the industry earned during its active period and noone ever said diamonds were stolen except those who are not interested in details like yourself.

    However Jonatham Moyo stole the money and it was not Munangagwa who induced him to steal. He also bought two Prados purporting they were for the Chairman and Vice Chairman of Impi but he swindled them for himself and the Permanent Secretary. If these two simple issues do not demonstrate abuse of office then I do not know what does.

  • Asi Chii Nhai?

    Totally agree with Timothy. Why can’t he defend himself in a court of law? Why point fingures at other thieves when you’re caught? It is an offence failing to report a crime that you have seen. Let the law take its course! The writter must be arrested because he knows some cases which he has not reported todate. Anglistone T Sibanda, your name suggests you’re from Matebeleland if not Tsholotsho to be precise, so you’re trying to protect one of your own!!! Please let him prove himself innocent. That is done by not smearing others when you don’t have the facts. Let him face the music!!

  • theobserver

    Zimbabwean have a way of justifying anything and making excuses. No wonder we have failed to solve simple issues. The allegation are that Moyo stole two Prados and abused ZIMDEF funds. That has nothing to do with Gukurahundi. Neither does it have anything to do with Matebeleland. Its an individual who allegedly committed an offense. The case should be investigated and if he is indeed found guilty the law must take its course.

  • ohara

    Myopic people like you do not read between the lines to see the Gukurahundist state invisible hand. Moyo cases was motivated by him seeking to bury his father killed by those that killed even one of your own such Itai and its a pity that the tribal state has hypnotized all northerners to use emotions when Judging Southerners.
    If you have any slightest idea of what happened in Tsholotsho during the infamous Gukurahundi period you will not be waffling like this – but one day the murdering weapon of these gang stars will visit you and you will think otherwise.

  • ndoro

    Ohara you seem to be fighting in Jonso’s corner but i doubt you will win the fight. Let him face it. If he did nothing wrong it is the court that should set him free otherwise for now what is did was wrong and we can not allow that to go unpurnished

  • Grace Jones


  • Grace Jones

    Please spare us your Gukurahundi rantings everywhere. Moyo stole. Period