UK Welcomes Mugabe And Trump To Britain “So No Problem!”


Robert Mugabe and Donald Trump are welcome to the United Kingdom, the imperial nation’s Foreign Secretary says.

Donald Trump is no worse than ageing Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe, Britain’s foreign secretary Boris Johnson has suggested.

Johnson has defended the under-fire new US president’s right to a state visit to Britain by saying that Queen Elizabeth II has previously hosted Romanian dictator Nicolai Ceausescu and Mugabe, so could “probably cope” with Trump, The Independent reports.

Mugabe was awarded a knighthood by the Queen during the Zimbabwe leader’s state visit to the UK in 1994. He was stripped of it in 2008, following outrage over rights abuses and election violence.

Currently attending an AU summit in Ethiopia, the Zimbabwe leader hasn’t publicly commented on Trump’s election although officials close to him appear to be very pleased with it.

Caesar Zvayi, the editor of the pro-Mugabe state media, tweeted triumphantly on Tuesday morning: “In US, the President chooses Supreme Court judges.” That was an attempt to justify Mugabe’s recent move to change the constitution so that he alone can appoint a new chief justice. Critics and the opposition are strongly opposed to this move. – News24

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  • tete

    will the put sanctions on America


    They seem to pick and choose what they copy from the US, as long as it suits their agenda. So now its OK for Mugabe to choose the Chief Justice because it is also done in the US?

    What about political abductions; torture; monopolising the airwaves; stealing state resources and using them for the party; the President going on a two Months vacation on state resources; President’s daughter delivering her child in foreign lands on state resources; President using foreign Hospitals on State resources; the military interfering in politics and having a hand on who becomes the President; Gukurahundi; war vets threatening and beating up people – is all that also done in the US?