“We Will Go To War If Mugabe Loses Next Election”

Hungwe threatens war

Terrence Mawawa, Masvingo Psychomotor Minister, Josaya Dunira Hungwe has said Zanu PF members and war veterans will go to war if President Robert Mugabe loses to opposition parties in the crucial 2018 elections.

Hungwe, who is the most senior party member in Masvingo Province said soldiers would be hired to campaign for the ruling party ahead of the 2018 polls. Speaking at a Zanu PF inter district party meeting held at Masvingo Polytechnic last Saturday, Hungwe boasted of the orgy of violence perpetrated by state security agents against supporters of opposition parties.

Hungwe mentioned Major General Engelbert Rugeje who helped Zanu PF in the June 2008 violent campaign-saying soldiers were ready to defend Mugabe and the ruling party. In 2008 Rugeje produced a pistol and threatened to shoot supporters of the Morgan Tsvangirai led Movement For Democratic Change (MDC) party.

Hungwe said:”Yes we can go to war we can also hire our army to help us.We will never allow opposition political parties to rule this country. President Mugabe will be our candidate for the 2018 polls.Anyone who does not have war credential will not rule this country. We will make sure Zim People First will not win. It started in the bible when armies were hired to defend kings. President Mugabe is our king hence the need to use soldiers to defend him and his party.” Hungwe also threatened to call Rugeje to lead another violent campaign in 2018.

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  • Runyararo

    The pathetic proclamation and empty threats of an old useless administration that can only win elections through violence, rigging and corruption. This Zimbabwe belongs to everyone not just you losers. # Zwakwana, #Hatichadi, # Hatichatya and # Last kicks of a dying horse.

  • The paDARE specialist during the Smith regime now wants former MAGANDANGA (according to him) to kill people so that Zanu PF can win the next elections.

  • Hungwe the coward#retire too

    Hungwe you have forgotten your history fighting for the Rhodesian army. You are singing for your supper. What can you say. You are old yourself and you should resign. You are a boot licker. You are a stupid old man with no brains. For your information no war vets are going to war. They are now old men and women. I am not sure which war vets you are talking about. The real war vets hate Mugabe now and we do not see them fighting for the old goblin. Old men and women should be looking after grandchildren at home and this is why we are pleading with you Hungwe and Mahofa to retire and let young people lead. For your information Hungwe you are hated by your own party Zanuoids. You can go to hell Hungwe

  • Close Encounters Of 3rd Kind

    If it does happen, the soldiers will be fighting who?

  • wilbert

    Here is a man who has spent the last 36 years doing nothing and being paid well for it. He does not want the good times to end and is threatening the nation with the same barbarism of 2018 if anyone threatens the status quo. What Hungwe is refusing to accept is that the present corrupt and tyrannical system has completely failed to meet even the most basic necessities of life for most of our people.

    Minister “of nothing” Hungwe 90% plus of our people are out of work, there is no clean running water in all our cities and towns, health and education services have all but collapse. Whether you like it or not, accept it or not, this is socially and politically unsustainable. Things have to change and change they will!

    It is a great pity that MDC failed to implement meaningful democratic reforms when they had the opportunity to do so during the GNU.

    We are where we are! The best course of action now is to demand the implementing of all the reforms necessary for free, fair and credible elections. Taking part in an electoral process whose outcome is predetermined and, if necessary limps will be broken and lives lost, is an exercise in futility!

    Zanu PF will be forced to accept reforms if no one in the opposition participated in the elections. Some opposition will want to take part for the sake of winning the few seats Zanu PF always throws to the opposition. We must make sure these sell-out opposition politicians know exactly what they are doing in no different from the actions of Dzakutsaku of Mapuruvheya during the war of independence.

    It is ironic that Minister “of nothing” Hungwe sold-out during the war of independence is at it again! The whites paid him to sell the blacks and he did it with passion now Mugabe is paying him to sell povo and he is doing it again. This time we must hold these sell-out to account because we cannot build a just nation with so many queuing to sell the innocent for whatever they can get!

  • aussiemigrant

    If he has made that statement , let us accept it and the offer to go to war, no one in the world will back these zanupf idiots, you have just legitimised the opportunity for the opposition to now go and gather arms and do what should have been done 20 years ago

  • Sammwa

    Hungwe… do you know there are no toilets on the battle field ? Shame old man…

  • Godfrey

    #Hondo, Hondo, hondo! Bring it on. Peace inobhowa. Who doesn’t want the drama of war?

    But it is silly to go for an election, lose it and then go to war. Let’s just make it the rule that the leadership question is decided by a war. Just like in the dark old days.

    Better still ivo vacho vanoda hushe hwacho vabayane mudariro kwete kupedzesa vana vevanhuwo zvavo. Isu tichivokera zvedu. Ahwina, ahwina… Adyiwa, adyiwa!

  • Reason Prevails

    Going to war against who? your kith and kin? Nonsense!

  • Tkyz

    Hungwe is a known sellout never trust his words. He is a chemeleon