Well Done Zimbabweans In Angola Who Met Mnangagwa Yesterday


Dear Editor,

According to a Zimbabwean online newspaper, some of the Zimbabweans in Angola who met President Mnangagwa during his recent visit “expressed willingness to support and work with the new dispensation and appealed to government to avail ballot papers in Luanda for them to take part in this year’s harmonised elections.

It is good that the President managed to find time for the Zimbabweans to express their views as he had it for himself that the people he expects to come back home to rebuild the country also want their rights to vote, so, being a leader who listens as he claims to, I am sure he will put in place mechanisms to ensure that Zimbabweans in the Diaspora can vote from where they are as expressed by those he met in Luanda.

The expression by the Zimbabweans in Angola flies in the face of George Charamba who exposed Government’s current position that Zimbabweans in the Diaspora will not vote, and the Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi who recently said there will be no electoral reforms.

The danger of denying people their right to choose their leaders is that the election will be seen to be not free and fair as it denied legitimate Zimbabweans their constitutional right to vote, scaring away investors in the process. Even the Zimbabweans based in the Diaspora who the President is trying hard to win back into the country will only return and invest after they see stability.

I encourage Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to tell Mnangagwa that they will not return or invest if they are denied their constitutional right to vote

Kennedy Kaitano

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  • Zimborig

    The funny thing about the diaspora is that most of them AND NOT ALL are not registered to vote. Those who have not visited zim to register since New registration process started will not be able to vote….simple as that.

  • chiremba wematombo

    I can bet my bottom bond coin that Zimbabwe under president Mnangagwa will never entertain electoral reforms, including registering diasporans to vote!!!

  • Billet Magara

    Is Kaitano in Zimbabwean or Mozambican diaspora ?

  • simbarashe

    you have to register to vote. those who have registered to vote will do that


    Shonas you are fcuked. Your Shona leaders will never allow you to vote to install another Shona government, that is not Gukurahundi. You will die in foreign lands oppressed by your own Shona. Fuck off because you are fucked!!


    What do you expect he us a Shona like you. Shonas are oppressors by nature, because of an inferiority complex!


    There will never be anything good about Zimbabwe. Forget about that shithole, as Trump said!!