Zanu PF Not A Totally Malevolent Party | OPINION


By Munyaradzi Rushwaya Chuma | I’m an unapologetic critic of the agrarian bourgeoisie government of ZANU PF but today I may try to give them a 3 out of 10 if its not a 4 for its achievements during its tenure in office which has distuned many things on a greater perspective however.

The LAND REFORM which seems to be the only consolent achievement of ZANU PF’s reign of terror, is worth recognition no matter how bad and horrendous the implementation was. I believe its worth to note and give it a positive literature as country loving people who try to fight bias and give credit or discredit without fear or favour.

It remains an undeniable fact that the land reform programme provided a means of production to all Zimbabweans and possibly a platform to allow Zimbabweans to have a say over their economy.

Those who were fortunate like Honourable Joseph Chinotimba got a piece of this cake and even those in opposition parties somehow got a place they can call their own. And this we applaud our dictatorial government for delivering.

Despite this celebrated act we are still faced with the urban land question which I will discuss in detail in the near future, time permitting.

This urban land question has been worsened by the ZANU PF land barons who operate under Minister Saviour Kasukuwere’s command, whose only quest is to use urban land as a currency for vote buying. In Zimbabwe its quite sad that everything is now turning to a currency and this is usually germinated by our vacuous Ministers e.g Dokora who recently recognized goats as a form of currency.

The land reform was a necessity. This notable achievement has to be acknowledged even by those who are in politics of the opposition. Any opposition leader, whether its Dr Morgan R Tsvangirai or any other piece of human matter that is out there that believes white people must control land and produce for black Zimbabweans is nothing but a reactionary leader.

We can disagree on anything with ZANU PF but on the ownership of land we owe them credit. It is not imperatively clear that there is no equal distribution of fruits of the land but that can be a case to study for another day.

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