ZBC Boss Tendai Madondo Suspended Over Allegation Of Fraud


The State broadcaster, ZBC has suspended its acting head of radio and television services Tendai Madondo on allegations of fraud.

The development was revealed yesterday.

ZBC has refused to explain the reasons for the suspension. Social media portals were busy on Friday amid claims that the suspension was was on the grounds of misconduct. But a private says it is an allegation of fraud.

The suspension is to allow space for a disciplinary hearing.

Sources quoted by the Daily News name ZBC public relations manager Eltah Robbins confirming the suspension.

The report says she was unwilling to reveal the reasons why Madondo was suspended as well as the duration of the suspension.

Robbins reportedly said, “she was suspended pending a disciplinary procedure. Her position — head of radio and television services — is very central and critical and as such ZBC could not afford to let her carry on with her duties with a disciplinary process hanging over her head. For this reason, she was suspended to allow her to concentrate on the disciplinary hearing. I cannot comment on the length of the suspension because the matter will be handled in line with ZBC human resources procedures and that will determine the length of the procedure.”

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