Human Rights Activists Brutalised In Gutu
20 September 2020
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By Ryan Chiwara- Gutu based human rights activist Wilson Run’anga is recovering at Gutu Mission Hospital after he sustained serious injuries due to physical attacks by suspected soldiers.

Wilson Run’anga a member of Gutu United Residents and Ratepayers Association (GURRA) together with his two other colleagues were subjected to brutal assaults by alleged soldiers on Thursday night. The incident took place at Mandebvu shops.

“I was with two other colleagues when six people who claimed to be soldiers arrived at Mandebvu store and insisted that no one was supposed to go outside as the president was about to pass through going to Masvingo.

“When we objected, they started to accuse us of possessing guns and alleging that we want kill them. They assaulted us using iron bars and wooden sticks until we escaped,” said Run’anga.

After Run’anga escaped from his attackers he drove home and upon arrival he passed out due to excessive bleeding. He was then taken to hospital.

Run’anga is receiving treatment at Gutu Mission Hospital as he suffered head injuries and a broken hand.

“I am currently receiving treatment as I have suffered some head injuries and a broken hand. l am experiencing general body pains as a result of the beatings,”.

“I am lucky to be alive those people really wanted to kill me and it appears everything was pre-arranged because they had attacking weapons already stashed outside the shop,” added Run’anga.

In July several Gutu residents were severely injured when soldiers indiscriminately attacked the citizens claiming to be enforcing COVID-19 regulations.