ZRP Cop Shoots Colleague
14 October 2019
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A Masvingo-based policeman is battling for life in hospital after he was accidentally shot in the lower abdomen by a colleague last week.

The police officers had just recovered a firearm from a suspect and wanted to verify whether or not it was licensed.

Sources close to the case said a cop at Masvingo Central Police Station accidentally pulled the trigger of the pistol before a stray bullet hit his colleague.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the incident occurred at Jazira Shopping Centre in Rujeko C at around 9.30am.

He said the names of the police officers would be released in due course.
“We are investigating a case in which a police officer was accidentally shot in the abdomen by a colleague while on duty. This occurred when our officers confiscated the fire arm during interrogation,” said Asst-Comm Nyathi. “It was during interrogation process that he pulled the trigger and accidentally hit a colleague on the lower part of the abdomen.

Names of the injured policeman and the other four will be released in due course once investigations are complete.”

Asst-Comm Nyathi said while on patrol at Rujeko A Shopping Centre, five police officers came across a man armed with a pistol.

He said the team followed the man to Jazira Business Centre in Rujeko C, where they accosted him before searching and discovering a firearm from his pair of denim trousers’ pocket.

Asst-Comm Nyathi said the police details then took the loaded pistol intending to confirm its certification.
“One of the police officers accidentally pulled the trigger which hit his colleague on the lower part of the abdomen leaving the bullet inside,” he said.

The victim, he said, bled profusely from the wound and was rushed to Masvingo General Hospital where his condition is reportedly critical.State media