Thomas Mapfumo Blows Off Wicknell’s Candle Of Fame
6 May 2024
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Thomas Mapfumo Demands Return of Confiscated Cars

By Showbiz Reporter | ZimEye | Africa’s music legend, Thomas Mapfumo, has demanded the return of five cars confiscated by the Zimbabwean government. In a passionate speech, Mapfumo recounted how his vehicles, purchased from South Africa, were seized and later reported missing.

“The thing I want is the cars that were taken over five cars that were taken by the government of Zimbabwe,” Mapfumo declared. “My family asked me what do we do for us to leave this country because we are now being harassed by the police over these cars that we as a family paid for.”

Despite recent controversy surrounding Wicknell Chivayo’s claims, Mapfumo remains focused solely on retrieving his own vehicles.

“Some people are saying that I lived in Phillip Chiyangwa’s Garage have you ever seen there?” Mapfumo questioned. “Has this man ever seen me? I used to own a football club, Sporting Lions.”

Responding to car offers from convicted fraudster Wicknell Chivayo, Mapfumo emphasized, “What Wicknell is saying I am not interested in it I just want my cars, the five of them. I don’t want anyone else’s vehicles.”

Mapfumo’s demands shed light on the ongoing struggle faced by individuals targeted by the Zimbabwean government. His unwavering determination to reclaim his property serves as a reminder of the fight against injustice and oppression in the country.-ZimEye