Mnangagwa “Urges” Mozambican Opposition To Accept Election Results
24 October 2019
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PRESIDENT Mnangagwa, in his capacity as chairperson of the Sadc Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation, has called for calm in Mozambique as that country awaits the announcement of official results of the recent elections.

The country held presidential, legislative and provincial elections on October 15 and indications are that incumbent President Filipe Nyusi and his Frelimo party are poised to garner more than 70 percent of the total votes.

However, the opposition Renamo has dismissed the elections as a “fraud” and threatened to reject the outcome, raising fears that the disagreements over the polls could shake the Peace and National Reconciliation Agreement between President Nyusi and Renamo leader Mr Ossufo Momade, signed in August this year.

Against this background, President Mnangagwa yesterday called on all stakeholders in the polls to remain patient and calm while the results continue to be compiled for final validation and proclamation by the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Mozambique.

“Sadc further encourages contesting political parties and other stakeholders to observe the spirit of the Peace and National Reconciliation Agreement of 6th August, 2019, and maintain peace and stability, which is important not only for the Republic of Mozambique, but also for the entire Sadc region,” said President Mnangagwa in a statement.

“In the event of electoral disputes, Sadc further urges all political parties and contestants to resort to relevant legal mechanisms for the settlement of electoral disputes, including the District Judicial Courts, and the Constitutional Council, and appeals to Judicial institutions to determine electoral disputes within established timelines.”

President Mnangagwa affirmed the regional bloc’s support and commitment to the enhancement of democracy in Mozambique and the region as a whole.State media