Wicknell Chivayo Mike Chimombe 3rd Leaked Audio | FULL TEXT
11 July 2024
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Wicknell Chivayo: Whenever money pops out Mike you end up phoning and bothering me. I’m in Namibia at Nampower. I will be back on Friday. I’ve received the proof. I will forward it. Can we just wait on them once they have paid? I will let you know I’ve received so much. I will then share. But the problem with you is that you start a war. But that’s not very good behaviour. Relax, relax I know you want money I also want money too. You have a problem that you get emotional. You must change that attitude, if at all we’re going to work together. We can’t have the same problem all the time you said last time this and that, but that should be a thing of the past , I told you that there is more money that is coming that you want to be able to stop. Don’t put words in my mouth. I never said what you are saying. I said the first payment that is coming there is not even any profit because we had to match the price for the tents in Lobatse. So there’s really nothing here don’t even raise your hopes. Don’t even be disappointed the other money, yes, there’s reasonable profit.

Mike Chimombe: Hello CEO, it is not an issue of being greedy or what, but when we text or phone a simple update is needed. The only issue is of communication which you have been telling us, guys you need to be communicating. But when you go quiet after receiving proof of money, we then start wondering that our mate changes character whenever money comes out; A war has to happen for the rest of the money to be released, and we end up having to chase each other down to airports. That then becomes a not so good thing.
If we can just know how much each month is producing we will just know each cent, and we conclude things just like that. Even before the money has come out.If we can just know the numbers in advance. Did you not make us sign for a US$17 million agreement, so that we are sure what’s coming out; but then this type of money that cikes out here and there, why does it become a problem? We thank you.