Gospel Music Sensation Takes Industry By Storm

Linda Kaseke’s tribute song titled “Ndangariro” has taken music industry by storm.

The 39 year old musician, who is widely known as Lynda Kay said she is even surprised by the overwhelming response she is getting.

“I have been getting overwhelming response from the fans. This was a tribute song for my late father Ashmore Kaseke who die in 2016,” she said.

Her late father was inspirational since she discovered her talent at the age of 13.

‘I was very passionate about music since i discovered my talent at the age of 13. I have recorded a single back in 2014 titled Ndipe Meso, it was recored as a single which came with a bonus track titled Unobubelo. Both songs were gospel,” she said.

The recently launched song Ndangariro has however made an impact.

“As I found myself back in the studio working on my music, Ndangariro served as a way of reinventing myself musicall as a way to remember my father In the process. I felt that not many musicians sing about the fathers, here or departed, most sing of their mother’s and so I felt it would be a great way to honour our dad’s remembering them as the song resonates with a multitude of people,” she said.