Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Exposed By Ex Wife
24 April 2024
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By Religion Reporter | Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is still to comment over allegations cited of his wife following his divorce.

Oyakhilome who is the GoldMafia implicated Uebert Angel’s associate, runs the church called Christ Embassy and a television channel called Loveworld.

When he was exposed over his divorce, Oyakhilome announced on video saying he is immune to sin. He preached to his followers saying they should disregard media revelations that he was divorcing, while saying a man of God cannot sin, verbatim.

This time his wife is cited in a UK journalist’s journal accusing the man of being “non-straight”

Pastor Chris with a male employee
Oyakhilome with a male employee

The statements are part of heavy pile of allegations that may explain what has been transpiring inside the man of the cloth’s private life during his pursuits in which he pulls Christians to regularly examine his conduct. The divorce filing is reference number, FD14D01650, filed on 9 April 2014 at divorce section A, Central Family Court, First Avenue House, High Holborn, London, UK.

The basis of the divorce is printed as “unreasonable behaviour and inappropriate relationships with members of staff.”

The divorce was granted on these grounds, ZimEye reveals.

Oyakhilome has gone on for 10 years without commenting and his public statement has been that he, as a man of God cannot sin.

In a televised video re-broadcast, Pastor Chris, as he is fondly called, said people who are “men of God” do not commit sin because they have been sovereignly “set on course by God.”

He responded saying, “I understand there are some media houses particularly in Nigeria and maybe in South Africa.
“There are many of them who have been writing stupid things, very stupid things, frivolous charges. That’s crazy.

“A man of God, you will have to understand something about a man of God. A man of God is not just someone who worships God, or who preaches God. A man of God is handpicked by God, set on course by God.
“If you study the scriptures you will not find [any] man of God going against God, sinning against God. The only things you might find, will be maybe a man of God, one – Moses for example, when he struck the rock twice, provoked by the anger of the people not because he wanted to do something against the Lord.
“No man of God does something against the Lord, no. A man of God is set on course; there is a type of life that he is given.”

Meanwhile, the London journalist, Brilliant Pongo posts of the development in a poem saying-

‘Truth can irritate
Truth can upset
But truth still needs to be told
Threats and all sorts of fire conjured from deepest pits of hell will be spoken towards you
But only those uncomfortable with truth will catch feelings.
A lie can be ignored…
Chris has a dude, I repeat 🔁 Anita left only to be replaced by a married dude.
That’s his choice not a crime Yes,
How do I know, the one that left told me…
Those catching feelings sue me…I am only sharing the untold stories no time to argue…
Ps/ they do kinda look alike (each to their own but at least tell the church the truth) ‘

Those catching feelings sue me…I am only sharing the untold stories no time to argue…
Ps/ they do kinda look alike (each to their own but at least tell the church the truth).