Gaddafi’s Businessman goes M.I.A
25 October 2011
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(Tripoli) A Kenyan businessman who enjoyed wealth and the spotlight after organising dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s King of Africa-crowning in January is missing in action.
Paul Kamlesh Pattni who coordinated Kenyan chiefs and flew them to Libya in January at Gaddafi’s expense has neither answered nor returned phone calls since the Libyan uprising began.
Pattni who flew in and out of Tripoli on many occasions brought the poverty-stricken local chiefs from Nairobi who enjoyed the luxury of flying for the first time at Gaddafi’s expense, and upon their arrival declared Gaddafi “the King of Africa”.The chiefs were put up in five star hotels, taken around as VIP delegates and then soon afterwards were driven to Gaddafi’s farm.
During a lavish African-ceremony, an Imbongi who ran with a water-smeared feather-brush would shake the traditional object on Gaddafi several times declaring him ‘The King of Africa’.

Kamlesh Pattni crowns Muammar Gaddafi King Of Africa

Several messages were left for Pattni by a ZimEye correspondent between March and October this year but have been ignored.
In the photo (right), Pattni is seen flanked by the elders as he places a crown of what appears to be solid gold onto Gaddafi’s head. It is believed the crown was also paid for, using Gaddafi’s money. The businessman who is of Indian origin is also a highly controversial figure in Kenya where his name is mentioned in a number of national financial scandals.
Gaddafi’s family flees
Meanwhile, following Muammar Gaddafi’s capturing and death on Thursday, reports from Tripoli say that Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam attempted to cross the Libyan border with a fake passport.
“He’s on the triangle of Niger and Algeria. He’s south of Ghat. He was given a false Libyan passport in the Murzuq area,” an official told Reuters.
In the report the official said Muammar Gaddafi’s former intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senussi was involved in the escape plot.
“In the south, they intercepted Thuraya (satellite telephone) communications. Abdullah Senussi has been on the border in that area to organise his exit and also a neighbouring intelligence source tipped us off about that,” the official said.
Saif al-Islam, a fluent English speaker who studied at the London School of Economics, is the only one of Gaddafi’s sons still unaccounted for.
Two fled to Algeria, one is in Niger, two were killed earlier in the Libyan conflict and Mutassim, who was killed after being captured with his father last week near the city of Sirte.