Mukanya Takes Over Late Oliver Mtukudzi’s Manager.
7 May 2019
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Sam Mataure

US based Chimurenga musician Dr Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo has roped in former Oliver Mtukudzi drummer and manager Sam Mataure as his band manager.

Mukanya confirmed Mataure’s appointment on Monday.

“Yes we have engaged Sam Mataure as the Blacks’ Unlimited band manager.

“I think you know that this one, (Blessing) Vava is a writer but he is still our publicist.

“We have more finished music to give our fans,” he said.

Mukanya and his nephew Kurai Bvumoramukanya
Mukanya said Mataure’s appointment comes at the right time as they are set to release new stuff.

“Very soon, we will be releasing music plus videos.

“Every day, we produce songs to our growing fans

“Any disciplined and God fearing people can work with Mukanya and Blacks Unlimited Company and owe we are working with Sam,” he added as he applauded Matuare who once managed the late Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi’s Black Spirits.

Meanwhile, Mukanya blessed his nephew Kurai Bvumoramukanya who is following in his footsteps.

He also commented on Kurai’s video trending on social media whilst he was performing one of Mukanya’s songs.

“There is nothing wrong with Kurai going ahead with our Chimurenga music culture type, zvinongodakushinga chete.

“It is our African culture of protecting and progressing our legacy.”

He added:

“Chimurenga is music for the people and from the people, not your music from yourself, hence Kurayi must be brave.

“Chimurenga music is our heritage, no one will say do or not do it, let him do it, asi ashinge ehee.”

Kurai thrilled a Chimurenga fans Zivai Guvheya’s album launch.

After his performance, Kurai was mobbed by fans.