Chamisa Responds to Chiwenga’s Goat Herder Insult: “It’s Game On”
25 April 2024
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By A Correspondent

In a fiery exchange of words, Zimbabwe’s opposition leader, Advocate Nelson Chamisa, has hit back at Vice President Constantino Chiwenga following a direct attack on his character.

Chiwenga, known for his outspoken nature, described Chamisa as nothing more than a “goat herder” during a public address on Monday.

The Vice President’s remarks came amidst escalating political tensions in the country, with Chiwenga aligning himself with the ruling ZANU-PF party and Chamisa leading the opposition movement. Despite the intended insult, Chamisa responded defiantly, drawing a parallel to the biblical tale of David and Goliath.

In his response, Advocate Chamisa emphasized the significance of the biblical story, implying that just like David—a shepherd and the underdog—overcame the giant Goliath, he too would prevail against his critics and adversaries. Chamisa’s response was framed with confidence and a touch of defiance, evident in his statement: “IT’S GAME ON…

Do you know that the giant Goliath was defeated by David the goat herder and a mere shepherd?? #Godisinit”

This metaphorical reference underscores Chamisa’s determination to challenge the status quo and challenge the ruling establishment. By invoking this biblical narrative, Chamisa aims to rally his supporters and portray himself as an underdog fighting against a powerful adversary.

His use of the hashtag #Godisinit further suggests a reliance on divine intervention or providence in his political struggle.

The spat between Chamisa and Chiwenga underscores the intense political climate in Zimbabwe, where verbal exchanges often serve as a battleground for ideological clashes and power struggles. As both sides engage in verbal warfare, the political landscape remains fraught with tension and uncertainty.

Chamisa’s response to Chiwenga’s insult is not only a defense of his own character but also a strategic move to galvanize his base and assert his leadership in the face of adversity.

The invocation of biblical symbolism adds depth and resonance to his message, resonating with a population deeply rooted in religious beliefs and traditions.

The outcome of this verbal confrontation remains to be seen, but Chamisa’s defiant stance signals that he is prepared to confront his adversaries head-on.

In the arena of Zimbabwean politics, where rhetoric plays a pivotal role, this exchange underscores the high stakes and fierce competition for power.

For now, Advocate Chamisa’s response stands as a testament to his resilience and determination in the face of political opposition, as he continues to navigate the turbulent waters of Zimbabwe’s political landscape.