John Cena Heavily In Love With Young South African Singer Song On Him And Has Mastered All The Rap Lyrics – Watch Video
14 November 2019
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Sho Madjozi’

Paul Nyathi|John Cena has been such good support and a total ball of fun regarding Sho Madjozi’s song named after him. Seeing a major US celeb support the young South African singer like this is amazing!

Not only has John Cena shown Sho an indescribable amount of support, but he’s also surprised her with a visit, taken no legal copyright action and he’s even featuring the track in an upcoming film – Cena’s such a team player!

John Cena is apparently said to know every single word of the track and can rap it perfectly.

The big star appeared on Strahan, Sara and Keke (an American talk show) recently where he was asked what his favourite song was, and obviously he said John Cena by Sho Madjozi.

Cena took it a step further and proudly busted out the song, word for word like it was nothing. Yuuuuuus, everybody wanna be lit like John Cena!

Maybe the man really deserves an award for how cool he has been about it all and for the incredible support he has shown Sho.

Sho Madjozi was recently invited to perform on Kelly Clarkson’s new TV show. The Proudly South African singer hit it big with her song about the wrestler and the best part was he loves it too!

Sho Madjozi opens up to Kelly Clarkson about what it was like growing up in her rural South African village where there was only one television and how she first started watching John Cena in wrestling matches. Sho also reveals how she took his “You Can’t See Me” catchphrase to heart when dealing with some real-life struggles.

Sho then gets the surprise of her life when she finally meets John Cena in person, and he has so many nice things to say about her when they sit down together on the couch!

“I didn’t see him come in so when people were screaming I’m like yoh I’m killing it.”

Watch the full interview here:

Watch video of the song with lyrics downloading below: