Proceeds of Looting Through Sakunda Holdings – Enough is Enough of this Nonsense
26 March 2020
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Kuda Tagwirei of Sakunda Holdings with Emmerson Mnangagwa

By Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo – PhD | Firstly it was the Dema project which Kudakwashe Tagwirei was given a tender of over  USD 1 billion and prices were inflated to suit the whole clan of looters. As we speak the project collapsed prematurely and someone was supposed to go behind bars, but as the norm, he was protected.

This money belonged to the state. We have more than half a million civil servants who are languishing in poverty including those who signed for the project. Generators were bought, prices of goods and services were inflated, invoices were signed and goods were never delivered. It was reported that Kudakwashe Tagwirei walked away with nearly USD500mln on the Dema project alone.

Eric Muzamhindo

If you pass through Dema you will be devastated. From the Dema project, the same company was awarded a tender to supply inputs during Mugabe regime, and he withdrew millions of dollars from central bank, RBZ without approval and proper procedures from Finance Ministry. If you go right now majority of central bank staff, top Finance Ministry officials have received huge perks, houses and cars from this individual using State money.

We have been told many lies, and never underestimate the power of more than 16 million Zimbabweans, first it was USD5.9 billion which was looted through Sakunda Holdings and the proceeds went to the political elite by enriching themselves and the whole lot went to buy cars, houses.

I will explain this in my journal which is coming soon. Over USD5.9 billion went missing and not even a single voucher and receipt was issued by RBZ and Finance Ministry respectively except the cooked papers which they presented to the Public Accounts Committee chaired by Tendai Biti the Harare East legislator. The proceeds of the money went to the following areas :

1. Buying houses for chefs

2. Buying cars and gifts for the top elite and models ( socialites) using state coffers

3. Buying Jumbo mine

4. Buying Fredda Rebecca mine

5. Purchasing gold reserves in Midlands and around the country

6. Buying mines in every corner in Zimbabwe

7. CBZ entire shares. He owns 60% of shares. This is the bank which Government put it’s money.

8. Buying properties for almost all top officials including those who sign for the money.

9. Rio over 100 milliom ( USD) was spend to buy the mine.

10. Buying cars for the central Government. Over 600 million USD was spent to buy cars for Government departments

11. Fuel procurement . Over 600 million spend through Traffic gura company which was purported to have cut ties with Sakunda Holdings to cool off people’s temperatures which were boiling. The money meant for fuel procurement being diverted to the black market and spinned more than five times whilst people are queuing for the same product.

Today we are told this same nonsense that Kudakwashe Tagwirei, through his company has purchased Rock Medical facility for over 3.7 million to cater for patients with Covid – 19. Are we that dull Zimbabweans?

In the midst of such a crisis where over 8 million lives are at risk, after veteran Lawyer Advocate Thabani Mpofu and Tsitsi threatened to march to Rock Medical foundation to demand answers, that’s when we see this stupid paper circulating in the social media claiming that Kudakwashe through his company has purchased Rock Medical facility.

Are we that dull? Are we stupid to be told such lies? I fully concur and support the idea were brave millions of people should march to this facility and demand answers should any elite found there.

We are all Zimbabweans and we must be treated equally with respect and dignity. Harare city council through Wilkins facility is struggling to cater for 100 patients alone with no sockets and proper plugs and a small group of less than 50 people are already planning to save their own lives putting the lives of more than 10 million Zimbabweans at risk.

My simple question is

1. Where is the 9 Billion which went to Command Agriculture?

2. Where is the 3 Billion for Dema project ?

3. Where is the 1.2 Billion for fuel procurement? Where is the fuel?

4. Where did Sakunda Holdings ( Kudakwashe Tagwirei) got 100 Million USD to purchase all the mines around Zimbabwe which I have mentioned?

5. Where did he get the 3.2 million for the purchase of Rock Medical Foundation?

We are tired of all this nonsense circulating on social media. Zimbabweans are highly educated and literate and spinning such delicate and critical information on the midst of a crisis.

We as Zimbabweans we must agree, an ultimatum of 14 working days must be given to demand answers for all the proceeds looted by one individual using vehicle companies to enjoy state money.

I support citizens who are ready to march at the door step of these thieves and looters, getting away with billions of dollars in the midst of this crisis.

Let’s rise above politics and demand answers from these entire clan of thieves.

I agree an ultimatum must be issued and a decree must be announced. We need answers not circulars going round social media. !!!

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is a Policy Advisor and Researcher and he is a leading Project Management Consultancy and is also a Lead Thinker for Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking and he can be contacted at [email protected]