MDC Alliance Parliamentarians Condemn Torture, Abduction Of Party Youth Leaders
16 May 2020
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MDC Alliance Parliamentary Caucus Statement :

The MDC Alliance Parliamentary Caucus condemns the abduction, kidnapping, torture, inhumane and degrading treatment of Our Member of Parliament for Harare West Constituency Hon Joana Mamombe together with The MDC Alliance Young Assembly National Deputy Chair Cecilia Chimbiri, and MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Deputy Organiser Netsai Marova.

Enforced disappearance, and torture are crimes against humanity and unacceptable in a democratic society. They are International crimes where those that are responsible must be prosecuted and punished.

The fact that the four female activists were abducted in broad day light is a serious indictment to the Illegitimate regime of Zanu PF. The Hitler style of suppression of citizens is condemned and has no place in The 21st century politics.

Abducting and torturing Women a few days after Mother’s Day makes it more ugly and heartless.

The intention is definitely to intimidate citizens and silence the opposition voices and close down on democratic space.

The Zimbabwe Government’s intention is to destroy in totality or The MDC Alliance.

The government activities are wide spread and systematic, and the targeted group is the MDC Alliance. In Zimbabwe, the MDC Alliance is now an endangered population that risks total extinction through deliberate targeted actions of abductions and torture, arrests and persecutions, as well as targeted eliminations through intentionally designed accidents and poisoning.

The abduction and torture of citizens, including a Member of Parliament is regrettably a confirmation of the fact that Zimbabwe is moving steps backwards in democratic practices and deeper into dictatorship and authoritarianism.

The rumors that the female activists have been found near Bindura in Mashonaland Central and with visible marks of injuries of torture shows that there is serious violation of human rights in Zimbabwe. SADC and AU must intervene and stop the government of Zimbabwe from continuing in this terrible path of human rights abuses.

For and on behalf of The MDC Alliance Parliamentary Caucus

Thabitha Khumalo( Chairperson)
Leader of the House in Parliament
Hon P C Mutseyami
Senator Lillian Timveous
Chief Whips