Senior MDC T Officials Snub Mwonzora
2 November 2021

MDC T vice presidents and national leaders snub Mwonzora in his poorly attended National consultative meetings

As Boaz aka Polite Musarurwa who is Mwonzora’s propagandist writes a detailed report on the factional fights in MDC T

1 November 2021

Wezhira Munya

Today, Boaz popularly known as Polite Musarurwa gives juice details on the factional battles in MDC T led by Mwonzora. For more details read: Boas article attached at the end of this article.

Most MDC T members of Parliament and councillors are making efforts to join MDC Alliance led by President Chamisa as #Ngaapinde hake mukomana gathers momentum#

Boaz has been assigned by Mwonzora to attack MDC T vice Presidents Khupe and Mudzuri.

Mudzuri and Khupe are fighting Mwonzora because he has failed to call for ordinary congress to elect new MDC T president and other leaders as per party constitution.

According to Boaz’s message that was posted on MDC T WhatsApp groups such as MDC 2014 structure: Khupe , Mudzuri , national members, members of Parliament and councillors are snubbing Mwonzora’s provincial tours.

Boas said, current poor attendence at MDC T provincial meetings being addressed by Mwonzora is caused by MDC T national leadership sabotage.

Mwonzora has been addressing few people and this has made him very angry.

Boas’ article titled Cash Talk have the following juice information :

Khupe and Mudzuri are ungrateful after being appointed by Mwonzora. Mwonzora won through rigging MDC T presidency at extraordinary congress. Khupe was beaten by Mwonzora thugs. Boas argued that, MDC T vice presidents must accompany Mwonzora wherever he goes as a way to repay Mwonzora after appointing them. In all provincial meetings addressed by Mwonzora, Khupe and Mudzuri never attended.

Boas said, “Vice President Khupe and Mudzuri think they came from heaven and they are ALWAYS FIGHTING THE PRESIDENT- Mwonzora

In addition, Boas further commented that , Khupe is negotiating with MDC Alliance to revive her political career. Boas assertions show deep rooted suspicions and scheming among MDC T top leaders . Boas urged Khupe to follow Mwonzora wherever he goes,like what she used to do during late President Tsvangirai.

Contacted for comment , MDC T founder member Mr Mashumba said,
“Mwonzora is unpopular and he became the president after rigged MDC T congress. How does he expect Dr Khupe to work with her after violently beating her.”

Also , another MDC T national member who refused to be named said, “Mudzuri does not like Mwonzora . Mwonzora cannot used appointment issue to force Mudzuri to attend useless provincial meetings.”

In addition, Boas holds that, Khupe , Mudzuri and Members of Parliament are enjoying cars and fuel coupons they get because of Mwonzora.

One MDC T member of Parliament said, “Mwonzora is mad. We won elections under MDC Alliance led by President Chamisa. President Chamisa’s popularity made us members of Parliament. Even Mwonzora benefitted from MDC Alliance after he was appointed senator by President Chamisa. It’s only that we joined MDC T led by Mwonzora because of fear of recalls. Surely you shall see all members of Parliament going to MDC Alliance led by President Chamisa.”

Most MDC T councilors and members of Parliament know that Mwonzora is unpopular as a result they snub his meetings.

Boas further explained that Mwonzora is using Honda fit or old red Mercedes Benz as he travels to provincial meetings. Mwonzora was using Vincent Tsvangirai’s car but Vincent is nolonger giving Mwonzora his car. Vincent’s car is experiencing many breakdowns due to poor service.

Boas also attacks National women assembly chairperson, national youth chairperson and national structures for snubbing Mwonzora provincial consultative meetings.

Most MDC T members are against consultative meetings where Mwonzora is seeking permission to postpone 2023 elections to form Government of National Unity with Zanu PF.

In Manicaland- Mutare yesterday , very people attended Mwonzora meeting in Beit hall. This show that Mwonzora who comes from Manicaland does not have support in his home area.

Mwonzora’s MDC T is regarded as Zanu PF proxy. MDC T meetings are cleared by police and Zanu PF thugs do not disrupt MDC T meetings.

Contrary, MDC Alliance meetings are disrupted by police and Zanu PF. In Masvingo, Manicaland and Mashonaland East MDC Alliance President Chamisa and his team were attacked, injured and their cars where damaged by bullets.

Mwonzora thugs violently disrupted MDC T vice president Khupe aid Mr Kudzanai Mashumba’s press conference where he wanted to inform the world how Mwonzora stole part funds, conflicts in MDC T presidium and other issues.

Below is BOAS article attacking MDC T vice presidents.


MDC-T now needs faithful leaders who when they get positions either through appointments from the President or your name is submitted to ZEC to replace wayward Senators, Mps , Councillors.

Many of those who are now Senators Mps or Councillors are behaving the same way as those that were recalled . As soon as they take their positions their behavior changes to wickedness . If you are trusted with a position by the President it’s an error to behave as if it your own effort that made you become what you are now. The President is the door that made you become what you are … without him you are nothing.

Where is the National Youths Assembly Chairperson ?
Where is the National Women Assembly Chairperson?
Why are the National Structures leaving the President to move alone?
Where are the Vice Presidents…you forget you were appointed as VPs because the President trusted you as running mates.

Vice President Thokozani Khupe and Mudzuri think they came from heaven and they are ALWAYS FIGHTING THE PRESIDENT

As for Vice President Thokozani Khupe we know you will continue behaving like this until 2023. We now have a few people which you are using as bargain chips trading with Nelson Chamisa for him to rescue your evil political career

Go back to your first love , you used to follow the president where ever he is addressing rallies or meetings…..that time maybe you didn’t have the vehicles but you SACRIFICED and you were always with him .
As soon as you were appointed and you received vehicles to use ….you now snubbing the President leaving him go Province by Province alone

The President stays in HARARE province ..there are Mps, Senators , Councillors who are too busy to be involved in anything the President is doing… the extent that he he will no choice but hire vehicles or move in a Honda fit or the old red Mercedes Benz …or wait for someone to come from South Africa Province to drive the President.

During the days of President Morgan Tsvangirai you were all over around him some giving all your fuel coupons and your vehicles some donating cattle to the President .. The same grace that was upon PRESIDENT Morgan Tsvangirai is the same grace upon PRESIDENT Douglas Mwonzora…. But the way all councilors, Mps Senators Vps , Standing Committee members behave leaves a lot to be desired.

The President can’t address a meeting in your Province but you prefer not to attend. I was so touched with what Honourable Denga SACRIFICED to be there in his Province because the President was going to his Province not to attend a political meeting but a MEMORIAL SERVICE organised by church. Hon Denga was at his farm either Chinhoyi or Chivhu but he left his farm to be with the PRESIDENT.

Where are you hiding , if you are an Mp , Senator or Councillor…. Don’t expect the President to beg you . People on the ground in structures are watching.

You all know the President is supposed to move Province by Province consulting the electorate that gave MDC-T leaders the mandate to lead and seek NATIONAL DIALOGUE but you don’t bother knowing how he gets there or who is there and what is happening is non of your business. That’s unGodly to undermine your father

The problem is how you are behaving towards the President is how people will behave towards you even worse than that.

You are in opposition to monitor and give alternative ideas and solutions to what the government of the day is doing….. This is what people in structures are doing … they have alternative and better ways of how an Mp , Senator or Councillor must behave

The same goes to everyone in the standing committee , National Executive and National COUNCIL…..why are you only appearing at meetings only and not moving with the PRESIDENT…..that’s why your meetings take too many hours but few resolutions which you don’t implement because you prefer to isolate yourselves from what the President is doing.

To those who prefer to support the President openly and FAITHFULLY may God Increase your territory

Polite Musarurwa