BREAKING: Mliswa Spills The Beans On Who Betrayed SK Moyo
16 November 2021
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By Hon Temba Mliswa (transcript by ZimEye) | …

Hello fellow Zimbabweans, on this sad day, when we mourn the passing away of Cde SK Moyo. My condolences to Mai Moyo and the family. SK Moyo was a friend to my father in Zambia during the liberation struggle together with uncle Centenary. There are two people who knew the role my father played in the struggle; he always called my father, Peter, was liked by Joshua Nkomo. After the struggle, my father was given an opportunity to serve, but he decided not to after the struggle. I say so with a heavy heart, because the truth must be said, despite all the heroic statements coming through: we have hypocrites in ZANU PF, we had people who presided over the firing of SK Moyo who was still in ZANU PF today, who were part of the leadership of ZANU PF, who were part of the liberation struggle. You know the gamatox situation which came out at the time, accusing a certain cabal belonging to Mai Mujuru, SK was part of that, as alleged; And today I want to question those people that, you accused him of having been gamatox, …a senior man who served the party, loyally; a man who was part of the struggle, a man who you accused of wanting to overthrow the president, the question I have for you at that meeting, Tongai Kasukuwere representing G40 youth, and Lewis Matutu representing Lacoste, who are the elders who sent you to demonize our elders the way you did? You destroyed SK Moyo in front of the former president RG Mugabe. Mai Mujuru was at the meeting, Didymus Mutasa was at the meeting, Shamhu was at the meeting, Sekeramayi was at the meeting, and most of the cabinet ministers were there, the provincial chairpersons were there, at State House, 2014, Thur the 15th Aug, what I want to say to you Zimbabweans is that we have a leadership that is hypocritical. Today we miss SK Moyo as a result of the pressure that he went through. SK deteriorated health-wise because he was removed as national chairperson of ZANU PF nemakuhwa (because of mere rumours) told president Mugabe, by young kids sent by certain elders.

What I am asking these youths, Tongai Kasukuwere and Lewis, how do you feel, this elder is no longer here because of false rumours you were sent by certain elders, why don’t you redeem yourselves, by telling the truth, on who sent you, to attack leadership, it’s not your fault you are young, but you were supported by certain elders. The very same night before that meeting, you had met certain elders, at that meeting was SK Moyo , the current president ED Mnangagwa was not there, but an agenda was driven based on falsehoods, and today SK Moyo is no more and I blame the leadership of ZANU PF that you caused it in a way, because his health deteriorated be never recovered, he was National Chairperson. From National Chair, he was demoted to being Sec of Infor And Publicity. If it were you, how would you withstand that? SK was never the same, a man who represented this country, a man who was a diplomat per excellency, it’s about time we tell the truth about this country, because the elders who are there are hypocrites. What legacy are you leaving? Imagine if you were in his shoes today. I am looking at you ZANU PF leaders who in the politburo, you presided over this you were there. But today you want to miss SK, you want to pay your condolences to SK, you are hypocrites, you’re not true, I am hurt, because here goes a man who served the country and now his family suffers because you lied and you lied you keep on lying. The truth must set you free, Tongai, Lewis, Saviour Kasukuwere, Mai Mugabe, Grace the former First Lady, taurai chokwadi, who was behind the lies that Mai Mujuru wanted to enter? The party was killed on that day. And because of that this will always haunt you, until you tell the truth, You’re young, you’re a young generation, I challenge you to tell the truth, thank you, this is Hon Mliswa. It’s time to tell the true story of Zimbabwe, how people get to the echelons of power, through makuhwa (false rumours), through lies, ZANU PF will never be the same again. Heaven and Earth watches.