Mwenezi Family Bashes Prophet As Resurrection Miracle Goes Wrong
21 December 2021
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By A Correspondent

Controversial Masvingo cleric Isaac Makomichi was nearly killed by Muchengami family members on Monday night in Mwenezi.

This was after Makomichi had been invited to resurrect Richard Muchengani (86) who died due to long illness.

Eyewitness claimed the preacher (Makomichi) only managed to perform his magic for less than five minutes.

“My father came back to life and he accused his brother of killing him, he then died again before giving enough evidence. That’s what has angered some of our brothers.

The ones who beat him are children of the accused witch.. we stand with the prophet and we urge people not tarnish his name.

After the burial we will report our brothers to the police, they did what they did because their father is evil” claimed Nelson who claimed to Richard’s son.

On the other hand, Nigel said his father was wrongly accused due to Makomichi’s magic. He also said he was ready to defend his actions (beating Makomichi and he threatened to stab him) .

This whole thing will bring too much fights among families, Makomichi must be banned from doing such events, we know he might have powers to do that but he must stop” one church leader said.

Isaac Makomichi