Remove That ‘Bloody Scarf,’ As Just That Alone Will Fix The Economy
15 February 2023
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By Simba Chikanza | COMMENT | Cyril Ramaphosa and Emmerson Mnangagwa pose on camera, smiling while wearing their country scarfs, just as gun crime, hate crime, and murders shoot up in South Africa. CR7 has copied Mnangagwa’s scarfie idea.

Since adopting a 6 colour flag (Apartheid was just 3), South Africa’s people have become more confused and its economy slipped down to number 3, while Nigeria, which has just 2 colours (on its flag), jumped to number 1. Economies with their lowest number of colours have citizens who are less confused and more motivated for production (e.g Japan, which has the simplest flag in the world, a red dot on a white background), and even the so called ‘bloody’ China, which is now the world’s largest economy (it has just 2 colours on its flag). Look at how clean, and behaved the Japanese citizens are at the World Cup in Qatar. Motivating one person, means boosting 14 million others.

In no time at all, each person will be contributing to the GDP, individually. There is so much evidence that this alone, could be a solution to fixing the economy, for colours play a special part in motivating citizens, and boosting their productivity.