Incarcerated Ngarivhume Backs Chamisa
19 June 2023
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Transform Zimbabwe (TZ) has pledged to rally behind the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) in the general elections after its leader Jacob Ngarivhume was imprisoned early this year.

In a statement, TZ said the refusal by High Court judge Justice Benjamin Chikowero to grant a bail application by Ngarivhume on June 14 blocked its leader from contesting in the presidential election on August 23.

The party said the move by the High Court was a ploy to deny Ngarivhume the opportunity to participate in the elections.

“Indeed, our president touched the raw nerve: Corruption, which is causing our nation to crumble in all dimensions much to the suffering of many but to the pleasure of a few,” TZ said.

“We resolved that the best foot forward for the people of Zimbabwe is to give our support to our brothers and sisters in CCC. We, therefore, urge our supporters to vote for the CCC president Nelson Chamisa, aspiring legislators and councillors.”

TZ said it shared similar values and objectives with CCC.

“CCC shares many of our core objectives and values, including democracy, accountability, social justice, freedom of expression, economic development and job creation,” the party said.

“We believe that by endorsing CCC, we can contribute to the broader goal of promoting fair and democratic elections, ensuring that the voice of the people is represented and heard.”

The party also called on its party members, supporters and the general public to consider the endorsement of CCC in the upcoming election.

“Together, we can work towards a bright future, championing the causes we believe in and advocating for the rights and welfare of our fellow citizens,” TZ said.

“We would like to express our gratitude to all our supporters who have stood by us during this challenging time.

“We remain committed to serving the interests of the people and we will continue to work towards the realisation of our vision and goals.”