Chamisa Downplays Reports Of Fall Down With Biti
22 June 2023
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Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) President Nelson Chamisa has played down concerns over Biti’s looming absence from the next parliament.

Biti failed to make the cut for the next parliament candidates.

Addressing journalists soon after visiting the High Court building to confirm his own nomination – filed a day before – Chamisa allayed fears of a festering fall-out with his deputy Tendai Biti in the wake of the latter’s failed bid to defend his Harare East seat during party processes to find candidates for the August 23 election.

Chamisa was accompanied by Biti in an apparent show of unity with his top aide.

President Mnangagwa’s fiercest challenger, who was in a buoyant mood, affirmed his bid to challenge for the country’s top job as he played down concerns over Biti’s looming absence from the next parliament.

Chamisa said his envisaged government had bigger plans for the founding MDC legislator and former finance minister.

The 45-year-old presidential challenger said his party’s eyes were more focused on clinching the national presidency, which has been an elusive target for the country’s most formidable party, formed as MDC in 1999.

“Our focus is not to be in parliament but to be in government,” he said.

“We have been in parliament for a long time; that is not our station of choice at the moment.

“Our station of choice is in government. So, you will see Mr Biti in government.

“He is going to play a pivotal role in the campaign that we are going to be waging very soon because he is part of that government and that is what we are offering to Zimbabweans.”

Chamisa added, “Parliament is going to be there; we already have people deployed there but there are others that are beyond parliament.

“They are in government, and they must play that role in government. So, you will see a strong team, you will see a formidable team, you will see the future of Zimbabwe and it is here.”