Two Women Go For Hangman’s Job
26 June 2023
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By-Two females have tendered their applications for the hangman post as the position became vacant for a long time. This is despite the Government’s considering abolishing the death penalty.

However, the recruitment process has been shelved.
The Government — through the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs — has completed nationwide consultations with the public and various stakeholders on a proposed move to abolish the death penalty.
Consultations were carried out in at least three districts of each province, by teams drawn from the ministry.
Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Permanent Secretary Mrs Virginia Mabiza confirmed the development to The Sunday Mail.
She said they are now awaiting funds from Treasury to refine the exercise, before making recommendations to Cabinet.
“I am told that consultations were done in all provinces, but they managed to carry them out in three districts per province.
“They then intend to go back to Government with their findings,” she said.
“We are going to make a summary and recommendations to
Mrs Mabiza added that once Cabinet gives the nod to the abolition of the death penalty, they will then undertake another process of amending the Constitution and statutes that govern the capital punishment provisions.
“We will be guided by Cabinet,” she said.
Mrs Mabiza said upon provision of funds by the Treasury, the ministry will need another three months to complete the process.
“Once Treasury provides the funds, we will start the process by July and expect to complete it by, say, September. By year-end, all will be done,” she said.
The consultative process prompted the Government to shelve the recruitment of a hangman.
President Mnangagwa has been on the forefront in calling for the abolition of the death sentence.
Section 48 of the Constitution allows execution of convicts aged between 21 and 70.
Women are spared from the death penalty.