Confirmed Mai Titi Beaten Up By CIOs For Filming ED Romancing Young Woman On Yellow Whisky
19 May 2024
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By Farai D Hove | Senior government sources have confirmed a startling incident involving socialite Felistas Murata, popularly known as Mai Titi, who faced reprimand from state security agents for filming President Emmerson Mnangagwa in a compromising situation. The incident took place at Mnangagwa’s Kwekwe farm, a location notorious for previous allegations of infidelity involving the ZANU PF leader.

“The incident happened at Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Kwekwe farm last Sunday, a property that is now notorious to the ZANU PF leader over matters to do within infidelity,” a senior government source revealed. Several videos in ZimEye’s possession confirm this meeting.

Mai Titi’s encounter with Mnangagwa and subsequent filming of the incident have sent shockwaves through Zimbabwean political circles. Witnesses claim that Mai Titi documented Mnangagwa’s intoxicated state and intimate interaction with the young woman, raising questions about the president’s behavior and privacy.

Mai Titi

“They visited her and briefly punished her before instructing her to delete every manner of footage that is online relating to the head of state,” an insider disclosed.

In an attempt to assert her power and intimidate online critics, Mai Titi initially uploaded the footage, where she was seen dressed similarly to the First Lady, Auxillia Mnangagwa. This move, accompanied by suggestive commentary, implied her closeness to the president and sparked speculation about her relationship with him.

ZimEye is about to offload more footage of the Head Of State following the uncompromising position he was found with the sociallite who is the age-mate of another accuser, Susan Mutami. (refresh this page for more.) FIRST VIDEO CLIP BELOW

Murata uploaded a video of Mnangagwa drunk, a clip she utilised to announce that she has powers against her critics on social media. The clip also suggested that Auxillia Mnangagwa is no longer regarded as Mnangagwa’s wife, as Murata titled herself the people’s mother who spent the day with Mnangagwa at his Kwekwe farm.

However, Mai Titi’s actions quickly drew the attention of authorities, who instructed her to remove all traces of the footage and refrain from discussing the incident. Despite efforts to obtain comments from Mai Titi and State House, no official statements were forthcoming at the time of reporting.

The first lady was still to make a statement over the matter. Further attempts to obtain a comment from State House failed at the time of writing,

The incident underscores the complex dynamics of power and influence in Zimbabwean politics, as well as the potential risks faced by those who challenge or expose the behavior of high-ranking officials. As the story continues to unfold, questions remain about the motivations behind Mai Titi’s actions and the repercussions she may face for her boldness in confronting authority.