Fadzai Mahere’s Political Fast Rise: A Fable of Power’s Unraveling
15 August 2023
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– The Strangler Fig Tree of Fadzai Mahere’s Political Ascent: A Fable of Power’s Unraveling.

By Dr Brilliant Pongo | In the intricate dance of Zimbabwean politics, a figure emerges who mirrors the fierce tenacity of a strangler fig tree. Fadzai Mahere, a name now synonymous with the Citizens Coalition for Change movement (CCC), has carved her path with the swiftness and determination of this remarkable botanical phenomenon. Yet, beneath the surface of her ascent lies a story reminiscent of the strangler fig’s calculated embrace – a narrative of complexity and intrigue. This exposé plunges into the labyrinthine journey of Fadzai Mahere, weaving together her rise to prominence within the opposition party.

Imagine the strangler fig’s humble seed, carried by chance to the high reaches of a host tree’s branches. Similarly, Mahere’s trajectory within the CCC has taken her to the upper echelons of power with astonishing speed. Skirting traditional hierarchies, she has stirred whispers of favoritism and strategic maneuvering, much like the fig’s roots that descend, forming an intricate network around the host. But just as those roots grow more profound, eventually constricting the host, so too has Mahere woven herself into the very fabric of the CCC. Her adaptability to the political landscape is a testament to the fig’s relentless growth, as it engulfs its host and carves its own path.

Yet, the tale doesn’t end with ascension; power has its reverberations. The strangler fig’s grip becomes synonymous with upheaval, a metaphor mirrored in Mahere’s impact. The likes of Luke Tamborinyoka, Jacob Mafume and Tendai Biti, once towering figures in the CCC’s narrative, now find themselves in the shadow of this ascending star. Biti and Job Sikala, seasoned players in the opposition, share the stage with this newcomer who defies expectations.

Brilliant Pongo

However, let us cast a discerning eye on the allegations that simmer beneath the surface. Whispers of utilizing sexual prowess to gain political footholds shroud Mahere’s rise, yet these remain in the realm of conjecture. Amidst these uncertainties, it is essential to grapple with the true enigma of her ascent. How does one who hasn’t secured victories at the local or parliamentary level command such influence? What facets mark Mahere as the “Iron Lady” of the CCC?

Beyond the intrigue, a multidimensional portrait emerges. Charisma and eloquence intertwine seamlessly with the ability to resonate with a new generation of supporters, forming the bedrock of Mahere’s rise. Her strategic positioning within the CCC’s intricate web of power could very well be the blueprint behind her rapid ascent.

Perhaps she was placated to the top of opposition leadership in an attempt to protect the party from ZANU PF violence, so the terrorists do not attack their own daughter. And maybe the strategy will work. Seeing the ongoing election turmoils, is it working?

Aside her father Stephen Mahere being the face of the ZANU PF terror network with which he personally signed forms to torture and expel opposition candidates between 2005 and 2013, actions that got him singled by the ZANU PF leadership for being too notorious for ZANU PF itself, leading to ZANU PF Presidency firing him from an Education Ministry job when David Coltart was Minister, the daughter herself is a well known divisive figure in the legal corridors where she is viewed as an implosion risk to any institution she joins, in a sorry tale whose only comparator is that of the great Ndabaningi Sithole when he came out of prison in 1974 refusing to bow to the Rhodesian terror, and would within 2 years be torpedoed by the more eloquent and non deserving Robert Mugabe, the dark skinned English Polish accent talking standing quietly aside the late Maurice Nyagumbo facing journalists. Mahere has a lot of proving to do that she is not an agent of destruction.

A rewind of the late Morgan Tsvangirai’s 2008 election speech before beating ZANU PF hands down leading to the CIO leadership exiting offices to go to Rusape, strongly suggests that the suffering people have never at any time needed a pretty face or a clean Borrowdale accent to amplify its clarity. The chematama-faced Morgan and team was more than enough to destroy ZANU PF, a reality they proved before the whole world that the opposition does not need people whose only CV is that they have climbed the world’s highest mountain, which apparently is in Harare, Mount EverArrest (whose peaks are thick layers of psychotic proclamations when they’ve only arrested and re-arrested themselves for exposing their own corruption).

In essence, Fadzai Mahere’s journey within the CCC unfolds like the strangler fig’s relentless growth. Her rise, fueled by ambition and dexterity, has ignited debates and redefined the very essence of power dynamics. As Zimbabwe’s political landscape continues to metamorphose, discerning minds must sift through the layers of speculation to unearth the essence of Mahere’s narrative. Just as the strangler fig evolves from an initial seed to an indomitable presence, Mahere’s role will crystallize over time, leaving an indelible imprint on the canvas of Zimbabwe’s political evolution.