Hwinza In Violent Breakup With Girlfriend
22 September 2023
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By Showbiz Reporter | Zimdancehall Sensation Hwinza’s Love Story Crumbles Amidst Scandalous Allegations From Ex-Girlfriend Malloti

In a shift of events, Zimdancehall sensation Hwinza has reportedly ended his relationship with his girlfriend, Malloti. The announcement comes on the heels of Hwinza’s exclusive interview with DJ Ollah 7 on Star FM.

This breakup has sent shockwaves through the internet, as accusations and rumors continue to circulate regarding the reasons behind their split.

Allegations of Car Smashing and Violence

Malloti, in posts allegedly made on Hwinza’s social media account, has accused him of car smashing and violent behavior that supposedly occurred before the Star FM interview, as reported by Zimcelebs.

The specifics of these allegations, including the details of the car incident and the nature of the violence, remain shrouded in mystery. Nevertheless, these serious accusations have cast a shadow over their relationship and triggered widespread speculation about the breakup.

Police Custody Prior to the Interview

Adding further chaos to the situation, Malloti has also claimed that Hwinza was held in police custody before his appearance on Star FM. The circumstances surrounding his alleged arrest remain undisclosed, leaving fans curious about the events leading up to the interview.

The veracity of these claims remains to be determined, and it’s unclear if they are part of a larger narrative surrounding their relationship.

Hwinza’s Uncertain Response About Future Plans

During his interview with DJ Ollah 7, Hwinza was questioned about his future plans with Malloti. His response was marked by hesitation and a struggle to provide a clear answer. This ambiguous response has only intensified speculation about the state of their relationship.

Fans are left wondering whether the breakup was inevitable or if it was an unexpected development that took Hwinza by surprise.

Meanwhile, DJ Ollah 7 has taken to social media to shed more light on the situation. According to his Facebook post, Hwinza allegedly damaged Malloti’s vehicle shortly before the interview, and there are accusations of drug use. Hwinza denied these drug allegations during the show, but it’s evident that the situation leading up to the interview was fraught with tension.

The breakup of Hwinza and Malloti’s relationship remains a developing story, with many unanswered questions surrounding the events that transpired.