Real Pictures Of Ezekiel Guti Sitting Inside Hell Fire, As Pastor Paints Out
10 October 2023
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By Dr. Fair Pastor | In the depths of his infernal torment, Mr. Ezekiel Guti, once an emblem of opulence and influence, now suffers the agonizing consequences of his 80-year reign of self-indulgence and silence. Surrounded by the anguished souls of over 30,000 innocent Zimbabweans whose lives were brutally extinguished by criminals he never exposed, his ears are filled with their mournful cries. Flames dance around him as he faces the damning accusations of diverting $116,000 of desperately needed RBZ funds meant for the destitute, the weight of his greed pressing upon him like a thousand fiery brands. In this nightmarish abyss, he is eternally haunted by the consequences of his choices, a chilling retribution for a life of apathy and avarice.

Comic Pastor says Zimbabwe is a real “pit of hell” with its citizens burning inside it. The below are pictures of the RBZ illegal money beneficiary and ZANU PF pentecostal mafia leader, Ezekiel Guti sitting at the high table with the military coup leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa. (STORY CONTINUES BELOW)

Ezekiel Guti
Ezekiel Guti sitting at Mnangagwa’s high table wearing the coup leader’s ursed scarf

How do the mothers who were sexually molested as their own children watched feel as a prominent elderly preacher who has the reputation of enjoying monopoly over the Creator Almighty God’s love, Ezekiel Guti (if that were ever true) disrupt his church service to celebrate the mass murderer Mnangagwa as he walks into his church while being praised in church songs as if he is God Almighty?

Guti caused his church to dance to Mnangagwa’s machetes during a pastor’s conference in Glen Norah. The live drama was even filmed:

As the music is blasted, Mnangagwa’s words hover above the roof, very loudly:

“My government is better than heaven’s. My government is just too good…

“Once we know it is the Kuwadzana people who are stopping the rain, we will deploy the army to surround them and bash them.

“Anyone found possessed with the Spirit of legion, I will personally machete them with an axe.” VIDEO LOADING BELOW…

As someone once wrote- History suggests that real leaders don’t live to 100, they fix the world in their 30s, and exit for others having sacrificed their lives confronting dictators and criminals. Martin Luther King died at 39, Paul Of Tarsus at 56, Jesus Of Nazareth at 33, yet they all changed the world (like Finland’s top cabinet who’re young women in their 30s) and they never touched RBZ money or protected paedophiles like Guti has (with his convicted brother, Nelson who he trafficked to Canada).

Jesu akapedza maSport aine 33, Martin Luther King, aine 39, nyika ye Finland ineGDP ye USD300bln, inotungamirirwa nevaskana vezera raSusan Mutami, isu kwedu tichivaBhinya. Mnangagwa deno aiziva vanhu vakuru, munhu waaivhakachira nhasi, ndiMakomborero Haruzivishe, Joana Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiriri, Comfort Dondo, kwete zvitunha zvevaroyi zvinoshandisa Bhaibheri, zvichirasisa nyika dzaMwari.-