BREAKING NEWS – Chipanga Wins Bail Appeal


Staff Reporter| The humiliated former Zanu-PF national youth leader, Kudzanai Chipanga has won his bail appeal.

Chipanga was today granted $500 bail.

He was ordered to reside at 826 Jarcana Close in Greystone Park. Other conditions are that he must report to the local police twice a week between 6am-12 noon & 3pm- 6pm.

He was also ordered not to interfere with state witnesses.

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  • Democat

    What was the logic behind denying him his premafacie right to bail, Is it a criminal offence to pay allegiance to a particular individual let alone your president? Are our courts also state captured such that they cannot make an impartial decisions for fear of irking the junta, now running every affair of our lives.

  • Milton Moyo

    you can imagine, our courts are not yet independent

  • Gibbo

    Akanakirwa uyo vamwe vanozviitwa imhuka here… Dindingwe…..

  • augustinemuganhiri

    juntais behind our warch lets allpray fo zim & register to vote pls


    Chipanga kugara ku Greystone Park mari yekutenga imba ikoko akaiwana kupi. ED Batai mbavha