Thousands protest against Mutare Mayor’s suspension


Mutare(ZimEye)At least 20,000 Mutare residents have vowed to protest against the suspension of the Mayor of Mutare’s suspension and were seen this week preparing for a mass demonstration.

Mayor Brian James was last week suspended by Local government minister Ignatius Chombo on allegations of misconduct.

MDC-T spokesman for Manicaland, Pishai Muchauraya told ZimEye on Tuesday that the suspension of James was absurd and that over 20 000 people in Mutare have since signed a petition calling for his reinstatement.

“We have written a letter to the police seeking permission to stage the demonstrations from various wards to the government complex where the petition will be handed over to the governor Chris Mushowe,” Muchauraya said.

suspended...Brian James

Muchauraya said Chombo is believed to be fighting hard to remove James, who only recently blocked the sale of land at the Meikles Park to Anjin, a Chinese firm that is mining diamonds in Chiadzwa in partnership with the State owned Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC).

The Chinese firm wanted to buy land at Meikles Park (which is prime land in the central business district) for peanuts and intended to build an 18 storey hotel which would also house a supermarket and other shops. Chombo had ordered the Mutare City Council to first give the land to Anjin in exchange for state land that the council would get from the government.

“Council defied Chombo’s interference and on top of that James wanted an audit of council books from 2008 to see how many stands have been sold in the city and who,” Muchauraya said.

Meanwhile, Police details from Mutare Central Law and Order Department have twice raided the offices of Hon Misheck Kagurabadza -the MDC Provincial Secretary and MP for Mutasa South Constituency. The first raid was on Thursday last week and the second was carried out yesterday at about 0900hrs. The officers led by Detective Srgt Ngwende were saying they wanted to interview the MP on matters they did not disclose.

Each time the offices were raided, the MP was in Harare on Parliamentary duty.

“Though the reasons for the raids are not known, we strongly suspect that it is a continuation of ZANU PF tactics of persecuting MDC leadership. The MP will however be visiting the police station tomorrow in the company of our lawyers and the entire MDC Provincial leadership,’ said Muchauraya.

“Meanwhile preparations for a demonstration in Mutare against the suspension of the Mayor Brian James are at an advanced stage. Over 20 000 people in Mutare have since signed the petition calling for the reinstatement of the Mayor. We have written a letter to the police seeking permission to stage the demonstrations from various wards to the Government complex where the petition will be handed over to the illegal Governor Chris Mushowe. This will be followed by an address to the protestors by the MDC Provincial leadership,” he said (ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

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  • Mavambo Kusile Dawn

    As MDC-T and ZANU PF continue their mudslinging and antagonism, Mutare residents and rate payers continue to suffer. Poly-ticks!!

  • Vana wasu munangwarawo this is the same guy who wanted to hire a South African Bookkeeping Company to do a budget for city of Mutare you want back in office.Va Chihuri basa ramuka vanhu ngavasungwe,remember they have to get police clearance before they hold their “demonstration”

  • Mutororo Akachinja

    Zanu PF chimusangano chehuwori ndopanehunyanzvi hwavo furu sitopu.
    Chikonzero vakadzinga Brain James munhu anogona basa ndechekuti mari dzemu kanzuru yekwaMutare hadzichabika kunyanya nembavha huru Gororo Ignatious Chombo Imbwa yapedza kuba ma stands Zimbabwe yose.
    Sei vasingadzinge vanhu vane ma cases akawanda e corruption.
    Kuita kwe Zanu PF kunotosemesa sepamese paRobert Mugabe.

  • CHANDO KUPISA titumire adress yako uone zvinokusvikira wakadekera sengochani irikugerwa choya nehure, HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF there used to be THE NAZI HUNTERS so shall it be THE ZANU HUNTERS, be afraid chicken ass.

  • Bla Miki

    Hapana munhu anemvumo yekutyisa and instead of kukutya iwe bonga kure kure seni ndinotokushora zvisingaite. Why always dressing down yourself in public? Address yaCde Chando unoidii iwewe, unombori aniko iwe? like l told you the other day, uchafunga kuti urikushamisira ende wakahwanda iwe uri pachena, the reason yekukusiya wakadaro would be that you dont pose any threat to anyone. l agree with you Cde Chando, vana wasu handivanzwisisi. Regai zvakadaro but the good thing is our able minister of local government will never leave the beautiful town of Mutare going to the dogs because of politics and the same should urgently be done to my lovely Harare Cde Minister.

  • Manje kana mada zve jambanja ndiyo ngoma yatinorwarira tinawo madhigiri ekurwa,masazorinza mhere sezvinoita Chematama kana akurirwa.Give me yours first boys dzangu dzikushanyire iwe Kure Genga.


    Nxa rima rega iwe ChiChando chemuJeri!

  • Omugabe

    Are there no Africans to be MAYOR OF AFRICANS?

    Excellent job, Chombo.
    Nehanda and the rest of the Ancestors are proud of your wise move.

    Africans SHOULD BE governed by Africans IN AFRICA!

    What is it with some still-lost Africans that they will enable the INVADING, pale & racist devils to lord over them for the benefit of their ‘kith and kin’?

    What is wrong with some African minds that they REFUSE TO RECOGNIZE AN HISTORICAL ENEMY?

    What is it with some Africans that they are failing to recognize that THOSE pale homosexual devils, WHO INVADE AFRICAN HOME SPACE UNPROVOKED, ARE CRIMINALS AND ENEMIES? EVERY LAST ONE!

    If parasites invade your body and deposit their offspring IN YOUR BODY, are the pale PARASITIC offspring entitled to your body, just because they were born in your body? NO!

    Wake the hell up, Africans!

    That wise and ferocious African Lioness, Nehanda, did not incite Chimurenga so that the pale devils can be Mayor of her African descendants.

  • I have not read such meaningless diatribes in quiet a while! First get a brain, then we can have a meaningful discussion! Your position thoroughly demonstrates what is keeping ALL Africans under the feet of despots, criminals, liars, and criminals (I mention criminals twice purposefully)! Open your eyes my poor ignorant friend.

  • zivanai

    diamonds we gave to the russians in chimanimani and gold in penhalonga then chiadzwa we handed lock stock and barrel to them aint we geniuses par excellence.the GULLIES THAT ARE NOW gracing the landscape is not an eyesore to us at all, tinongorwadziwa kana tavaona muSPAR VAKAZADZA MATROLLEY NEGROCERY and buying hardware while we agonise to buy tusimende nezvipikiri to repair dzimba dzedu dzavakutsemuka due to neglect of many years. is this what the AFRICAN DESCENDANT has risen to be become?. Self-defeating, kudya poison nekutsveruka kubvisa mugabe nezanu nekuti vanoti VAKARWA HONDO yavasina kuhwina asi yakaitwa a negotiated settlement, pamukosho penyu varwi verusununguko rwefake mhondi dzegukurahundi nhasi uno makudzvova nyama yakagochwa nekenduru.

  • Tich

    What are you saying Omugabe? It does not matter what your old wicked witch Nehanda said. The fact is your people headed BY cHOMBO are the most corrupt including the one who appointed Chombo. If Brian James is more efficient and only has the objective of maintaining a good infrastructure then what’s wrong with that?
    You only want to appoint people who help you line up your pockets at the expense of the majority. Zanu PF criminals. Nxa!!!

  • Mutengesi Chii?

    No Chando Kupisa Zanu haina jambaja and hairigoni. They seem to be like that because they get support from the army and cio. If you look in to the 2008 madness it was the army assisted by zanu. Zanu iri yega inoroveka zvakananaka.

  • Chegotsi

    I have always wondered why vana wasu are always trying to bring whites back into power positions. First it was Bennett, a documented special branch murderer and terrorists that butchered the wasu pple. Those manyikas dnt even understand wht Bennett means whn he shouts “Pachedu !!!” . He means “I murdered ,maimed, raped and tortured the blacks from this province , but if they want me ,who are you to question their choice, “PACHEDU!!” Zvituta zvinokanganwa chezuro ngeHOPE. Kana zvavata zvokanganwa. Nxa, kukudza tunonaka ,ndosaka most of them love to be bhasi boy cooks who steal ma scones e tea ya 4 vachivigira vana kuboy skayi. Now this whiteboy mayor!! Talk of collective tribal inferiority. Tangwena must be screaming and rolling at the hero’s acre. Nxaa again.