Zimbabwe: Shock as Massive Duplications Are Found In Voters’ Roll
29 July 2013
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As Zimbabwe awaited the disputed Voters Roll on Monday night, ZimEye revealed in this article that the long document already contains a string of duplicated names varied only by a sophisticated alteration of names, ID and other descriptive details.
The massive duplicated entries are found in areas that are clearly ZANU PF strongholds which are largely in Mashonaland rural areas.
In this article ZimEye reveals how a carefully constructed programming SQL script was run on the voters roll to make a linear duplication and subtle alteration of digit and name details on the voters roll which favours only one political party.
Many of the duplicated entries are in places such as Mt Darwin, Sanyati, Kwekwe, Mutare, and Rushinga which are ZANU PF strongholds.

Sample Analysis of the live Voters Roll

“We have uncovered massive fraud that gives people the right to cast multiple votes sometimes three, four, to six times through a sophisticated plethora of duplicated ID and address details per person cast over thousands of individuals in a clearly systematic way,” Mguni told ZimEye on Monday morning.
However a further analysis by ZimEye has revealed the computed figures of distortions actually rise to 2.3million duplicate voters which is close to half of the entire voters’ roll.
ZimEye attached a short analysis sample compiled by ZAPU. What varies at other sections in the tables are single digits or letters for the ID number, and at others, just a single alpha-letter difference for a physical address with everything remaining exactly the same with the name and date of birth remaining intact.
When confronted on Friday, ZEC’s Deputy Chairperson Mrs Joyce Kazembe said the commission was investigating the allegations.
“We are trying to establish these concerns and we are already looking into it. Zec has already met with the African Union on our preparedness,” she said.
Kazembe said it would be premature to make a statement on whether a new voter registration exercise would be conducted when just a few days remained to elections without verifying the allegations.
“As I have said, these are not facts but allegations,” she said.
ZAPU’s President Dumiso Dabengwa, has since issued the below statement following the find:
After successfully challenging the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission with court action into publishing,
and making available to the general public the Voter’s Roll, ZAPU got the ZEC to allow us to purchase the said Voter’s Roll as at May 2013.
We then set-out to analyse the said Voter’s Roll.
Here is our abridged and rather incomplete analysis of the Roll: (refer to the attached)
The first comment I have to make is that the previous list contained 317 000 odd entries. The current list  we interrogated now has 40 000.
To us as ZAPU, the two lists raise a lot of suspicion and call for an investigation.
The fundamental point is that without a completely new voter’s registration and a completely new voter’s roll, it is pointless having elections in our country.
If ZAPU had the resources, it would certainly take these matters to the Constitutional Court to draw attention to what we have long been saying, that there is a serious flaw in the voter’s roll and the    result of these elections can never be considered as free and fair.
We wonder why other Parties involved in these elections do not take this issue as serious.
Our ZAPU Vice President presented this concern to the OAU Chairperson earlier today.