Mnangagwa: Tsvangirai President of Zimbabwe in 2008
3 June 2015
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Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said that MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai was going to become President of Zimbabwe in 2008, admitting for the first time that the MDC leader won that year’s elections.
Speaking while shooting down former ZANU PF Secretary for Administration Didymus Mutasa, Mnangagwa said Tsvangirai was fully set to rule Zimbabwe. He alleged that Mutasa acted in support of Tsvangirai’s automatic presidency in that election when Robert Mugabe was beaten by the MDC leader who garnered 73% of total votes.
“In 2008 when (MDC-T leader Mr Morgan) Tsvangirai almost ruled this country, I was the chief election agent for the President and Mutasa was the secretary for Administration.
“Surprisingly, when the results were announced, Mutasa had already packed all his belongings from the office. When I phoned him he told me that he was already in Rusape,” said Mnangagwa.
He continued his barrage against Mutasa saying, “we wondered how the secretary for Administration would run away at such a critical moment. I phoned (Nicholas) Goche. He also said he was already in Bindura. How could a man in charge of our security at the time desert us at that critical moment? This is the kind of people we were dealing with. They thought MDC was going to rule this country,” he added.
Mnangagwa made these remarks while addressing rallies in Mutata’s Headlands stronghold and Mutare areas to drum up support for the Mugabe controlled party’s candidates ahead of next Wednesday’s parliamentary by-elections.