Apple sells 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Pluses
20 August 2015
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iPhone 6 Plus users have been encountering a problem where their cameras turn out blurry photos, and now Apple is offering to replace those cameras for free.
Apple explained that between the period of September of last year and January 2015, a “small percentage” of iPhones were shipped with a faulty component in their iSight camera. To help alleviate this problem, Apple is now offering free repairs on these phones at Apple stores. The company has put up a tool on its website to help customers determine whether their phone is eligible for the repair.
Any affected customer just needs to bring their iPhone to an Apple store or even an authorized repair center, where they can have their iSight camera replaced for free. On their website, after informing you whether or not your phone is eligible, Apple will help you find the nearest repair center.
The iPhone 6 Plus was the best selling “phablet” after its launch during the first quarter of the year. The device was released to compete with Samsung’s successful large-screened “phablet” lineup of phones, and it has appeared to do its job.
The new iPhones are also well known for their fantastic cameras, which rival Samsung’s equally impressive cameras found on their flagship devices. As people rely more and more on smartphones for all their picture taking needs, Apple has gone full-force for advertising its superb shooters.
As the iPhone claims a greater and greater share of Apple’s quarterly profits, the company has to do everything it can to keep its large customer base happy. For the past two quarters, the phone has made up for more than two-thirds of Apple’s sales.