8 August 2016
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VAZET-COLUMN-ICONBy Dr. Masimba Mavaza | The future of the revolution looks bleak as weaknesses and divisions in the opposition reinforce the regime’s position.
Zimbabwe’s opposition is as miserable as the regime in Harare. Perhaps they are two sides of the same coin – both mirroring the country’s political failures.
One of the main reasons for the ruling regime’s inefficiency is the absence of a genuine opposition.
The 2013 elections, when ZANU PF was RE ELECTED succeeded because of divisions in the main political forces opposing it. The opposition is so terrified with itself and also to unite to an extend that forming a formidable force is a fallacy.
Before the elections there was space for political pluralism to flourish. Zimbabwe is now ruled by an authority, unopposed by an opposition that is outdated and divided. It has failed to unite despite countless opportunities, the latest being the formation of Zanu PF there has always been space for political pluralism to flourish in Zimbabwe but selfishness and intolerance has manifested itself in the opposition without shame. If we exclude civic groups that supported the status quo or stayed silent as the incumbent took control, only few groups are left to oppose the current regime and the tragedy is they can not unite.
First, the MDC and its fragmented supporters. This group is weak and lacks political vision. Despite carrying out daily demonstrations, the group has failed to make any tangible political achievements.
They have been an opposition for the past 18 years and now they are very comfortable as an official opposition. Any opposition which tries to raise its head is ruthlessly crushed by the MDC . This is all done in order to maintain the opposing position. Like a small child the opposition is silenced by sweets.
The second group is the remnants of revolutionary forces that sparked the 70’s revolution, which overthrew the people and socialist revolutionaries. They still raise their slogan of “dignity, freedom and social justice”. However, having failed to unite with a popular bloc or social movement, this group has had minimal impact on the balance of power. They become victims and are thrown out like used tissue paper. Now that they are in the cold the other opposing bullies want to have nothing to do with them.
The third group is composed of exiles attempting to undermine the regime remotely. In doing so, they are justifying the regime’s propaganda of a foreign conspiracy. They are not trusted by other revolutionary forces because they have tried to speak for them without coordination.
The fourth category is the groups that have taken up flags against the regime. They lack a popular support base, and the more violent they are, the closer people move to the regime. People yearn for a brave united force to stand in front of intimidation
All four groups are serving the regime’s interests. Their behaviour is consolidating its power, by validating the argument the opposition is chaotic and causing instability.
The Zimbabwean opposition mirrors the Syrian opposition, whose divisions have obstructed the Syrian revolution from its outset. This is not meant to be an attack, but an analysis of the miserable position of opposition forces in Zimbabwe as the 2018 elections gets closer.
Instead of speaking with one voice the opposition has let the populace down. Demonstrating in Masvingo will not shack the system. Opposition must grow and unite without that. There will be nothing.
Zimbabweans will dream on and the economy will dive. Masses will suffer. The opposition will always demonstrate and the chance to save Zimbabwe will elude us once more.
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