Controversial Ndanga Attacks Mawarire, Says He’s A Fake Pastor
17 August 2016
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Attacks Mawarire…Ndanga

THE controversial president of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ), Archbishop Johannes Ndanga, has attacked #ThisFlag Pastor Mawarire, who he charges saying is not an ordained Pastor.

“There are pastors who are not appointed or installed into power, they ordain themselves and just call themselves bishops. These are the likes of Pastor Evan Mawarire who tie the flag of people they are insulting around their necks. You do not tie a flag of people you are insulting around your neck, you tie your own flag,” he said.
Archbishop Ndanga said there are over 400 bishops that have unlawfully ordained themselves and one of them was Pastor Mawarire who has since reportedly sought asylum in the United States.
 “Tell me something about the man that says stay away from work. There is money, but he says to the people don’t work, make noise. How does that benefit the ordinary Zimbabweans?” Ndanga attacks the people’s mass action that Mawarire and others called for in order to force for reforms.

The Archbishop also criticised self-ordained pastors like Pastor Evan Mawarire for leading people astray.
Addressing a gathering at the ordination of 38 apostolic bishops in Bulawayo on Sunday, Archbishop Ndanga did not have kind words for Mr Acie Lumumba who recently insulted President Mugabe, saying the youthful politician was only trying to make a name and money for himself.
The ACCZ president said Mr Lumumba was just like prophets Magaya and Makandiwa.
He said the two prophets want the continued use of a basket of foreign currencies in the country as they wanted to use it to pay their spiritual fathers in Nigeria and Ghana to maintain their powers.
“People like him (Lumumba) just want to make a name for themselves and money and yet he does not understand where this country came from. And people who do this are like Makandiwa and Magaya but we don’t have a problem with them but what we fail to understand is why they are refusing bond notes.

 “It’s because whatever money they make in Zimbabwe, a percentage is sent to their spiritual fathers in Ghana and Nigeria because they have to pay homage so as to maintain the powers they have. That’s why they are refusing bond notes. The man (Makandiwa) that refused the bond notes clearly stated that he doesn’t trust the Reserve Bank Governor (Dr John Mangudya) even if what he has planned makes sense,” Archbishop Ndanga said.
“I said it myself, therefore the bond notes are good. If you want to see that the bond notes are good, our country has vast mineral reserves that back up our currency. We’ve huge gold reserves mined by makorokoza and established mines that are bringing in foreign currency.
So why are you saying the bond notes cannot be sustained? Why don’t we have our own currency that works in Zimbabwe while things are being fixed? On behalf of VaPostori, we want those bond notes.”
Archbishop Ndanga urged Zimbabweans to accept bond notes while challenges in the country are being fixed. state media