MANGWANA CASE: Opposition Duplicity Exposed | OPINION
3 January 2017
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Masimba Mavaza VAZETDr Masimba Mavaza | Most Zimbabwean opposition figures are “playing the game invented by Western special services such people should be put on trial for “subversive activities, should they set foot in the motherland.  Opposition has created the non-system opposition (those who oppose President Mugabe and the current Zimbabwean government, but fail to attract enough public support to be elected or sometimes even to launch a political party) as “persons who have never been heard of and who oppose President Mugabe only in order to boost their own popularity.”

Most of them oppose the Zimbabwean government to attract sponsorship and donor funding.
The fringe oppositions activists are attempting to capitalize on the difficult economic situation in Zimbabwe. Gone are those days when people were granted asylum on the basis that they don’t like Mugabe.

For a very long time ZANU PF has been used as a ticket to gain asylum. Those days are gone. The British Home office is more wiser than before. The current country guidance case on Zimbabwe demands that you need to show that you are targeted before you are considered as a refugee. It’s not any economic refugee qualifies to be a political refugee. The lies and demonising if Zimbabwe every election period does not work anymore.

Visa oppositions who become active only to get visas have contributed to the destruction of Zimbabwe’s Economy than  any person on earth. It is christal clear that such opposition is a source of income destructive to Zimbabwe and pure terrorists.

The money hunters masquerading as activists do not care about what they do to Zimbabwe as long they are paid. They are seekers of glory and easily swayed by money.
These words will quickly draw a negative comment from Human Rights representative who will call the statement “pointless and harmful,” adding that it casts a shadow on the Zimbabwe nation and a “bear’s service” to President If political activities of anyone, even such small-numbered group as Zimbabweans with opposing views abroad opposition must be done within the framework of the Constitution, no one has the right to take the foreign country as theirs and take action against such group, the opposition must show tolerance and not simply become vindictive to those with opposing views.

The opposition in  foreign land behaves like they are the immigration officers and want to elbow every other Zimbabwean out.  In reality they become proper traitors who wish to harm their country in order to destroy the government. They don’t care what happens to the country as long as they are seen to be working and they gain publicity. They are so heartless cruel inhuman and only want to be granted leave to remain even though they savage their mother land and expose millions at home to extreme hardships.  After their demonic acts they call activism they sit with a dracular vampirish grin blaming Mugabe for the troubles they cause.

Zimbabwe  has previously accused Western special services of meddling in internal politics but we now know they are being lied to by these groups masquerading as human rights activists. The problems of Zimbabwe could have been masterminded by The opposition in the hope of causing civil strife.

“Today we should fight not only the manifestations of terrorism against Zimbabwe by Zimbabweans abroad but also the Western sponsored fake human Rights groups the agents of which are working in the UK beating their drums at the Zimbabwean embassy in destruction of our future. Zimbabwe must start to put them behind bars, we should put them behind bars they are traitors.

The opposition Has created these evil anti Zimbabwean groups as a way to foment hatred toward Mugabe and to create problems for Zimbabwe attract enough public support to be elected or sometimes even to launch a political party) as “persons who have never been heard of and who oppose President Mugabe only in order to boost their own popularity.” Fringe opposition activists are attempting to capitalize on the difficult economic situation in Zimbabwe.

Opposition must strive to build Zimbabwe not to vilify it. They must wish well for the country not jump in joy if the country burns from the fire they start. These are traitors. Terrorists not opposition.
We have seen growing calls for Comrade Nick Mangwana to be deported from the UK. these calls have laid bare the ignorance of the activists on the immigration rules of the UK. firstly it must be noted that ZANU PF is not a terrorist party and it has not been declared as such anywhere in the world. ZANU PF has formed a government and has established embassies in several countries. So supporting it is not an act of terror. It is an execution of democracy.

Zanu PF is not operating clandestinely in the United Kingdom. It has written permission  from the government to do so. In fact the relationship between Zanu PF and the British Establishment is nearing the level it was in the early ’90s. Nick Mangwana is recognised as a representative of the party in power in Zimbabwe and the British treat him as such. They interface and interact formerly on bilateral matters. It means those who label Zanu PF a terrorist organisation are not only ignorant of current affairs but ignorant of international relations. ZANU PF as a party has a right to recruit abroad as MDC purports to have.

The world is now aware that the violent and terrorist party is MDC. it has failed to establish a party structure abroad. It breaks into pieces in a free environment.  It is not secret that in the UK. MDC had problems after its executive stole money and failed to hold fort.

Now vilifying any opposition to MDC as terrorist only shows the childish mentality the opposition and the idiotic opposition has.

An article in Bulawayo 24  entitled.
NICK MANGWANA’S ASSOCIATION WITH ZANU PF CONTRAVENES HIS VISA CONDITION is not only misleading but pregnant with rubbish it is vexatious repugnant to logic idiotic and total nonsense.

It is madness to believe that every Zimbabwean in the UK came seeking asylum.  Most Zimbabweans came on work permit some as students. There were some serious asylum seekers who were escaping the cruelty of Tsvangirai but none can blame the peace loving ZANU PF.
Now when people get broke and try to use the torture card to get funding is total lunacy.
If only the activists could know that UK is not for the liars.
Mawarire made some noise in the hope of getting a UK visa.  The UK government refused him even a visitors visa. The UK government is no longer gullible. They read between the lines.
Ask Pfebve he tried to Kasukuwere Jnr to be deported. The prime minister clearly said her office does not take instructions from disgruntled losers. Trying to fight your wars abroad is evil if you are a true opposition please fight for your party and stop demonising individuals.

ZANU PF is the only party which has been democratically elected for 37 years consecutively. The only party which has successfully held free and fair elections despite economic problems caused by these pathetic activists who are in actual fact saboteurs.

All the activists can wish is to be ZANU PF.
YOU CAN NOT USE UK AS YOUR WEAPON. Be democratic. Accept diverging thoughts accept a democratic process and allow freedom of speech.  If ZANU PF is terrorist party what is Tsvangirai doing in Zimbabwe.

It is high time people should not be misled by these individuals who are fundraising for their pockets. Selfish bigots who rejoice in seeing Zimbabwe suffer for their benefit.
ZANU PF will never be intimidated ZANU PF is stronger than face book.

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  1. Masamba Mavaza is a pseudonym for Nick Mangwana. He is trying to defend himself from the mistakes that he made when he got over-excited in Harare. Yes we want him deported because he is surpressing our human rights by advocating for our voting rights to be infringed. If he can do that to us we can find our means to infringe his liberty too. It was sad to see the likes of Kasukuwere making funny out of Nick Mangwana before he was given the opportunity to speak. If he thinks his fellow Zanu PF members like him he needs to watch the video again and see how they took mockery of him.

  2. This article is just too long for nothing.
    What does Mugabe say about Britain?.
    What is the status now as far as Zanu Pf opponents are treated?. From Tajamuka This Flag etc.
    What is the status now regarding freedoms as enshrined in the constitution?
    What is the status now with regards to the government which promotes corruption at the expense of service delivery?
    What about property rights?.
    The very fact that you advocate for the arrest of divergent view shows you are not serious in what you wrote here.
    Why is Mugabe on EU and American travel ban?
    Why is no country willing to do business with Zimbabwe as before?.
    Are you sure you advocate for arrests of diasporans whilst a special ministry is being created to tap investment from the same people?.
    Who is remitting more much needed forex to Zimbabwe?. The same people you want arressted.
    Let me end here.
    You are the traitor in my veiw.

  3. Vazet you long diatribe has the effect of causing people to stop reading your work. Limit your contributions to at the most 300 words then we can properly debate your opinions

  4. It would be interesting to know how Nick Mangwana got his stay in the UK. Nick says a lot of nonsense and his wife loves money. I do not support Nick Mangwana when he goes to Zimbabwe to beg Zanu Pf bot to allow diasporans to vote. I think that is irresponsible of Nick whether Zanupf or MDC anyone who supports that people in the diaspora should not vote in the diaspora is not to be supported. Democracy should allow people in the diaspora to vote wherever they are based. Nick is lucky that zanupf pays for his tickets to return to zimbabwe to vote. Not all in the diaspora can afford to go home to vote.