Mnangagwa: I’ll Never Apologise for Gukurahundi!
23 January 2017
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By Rodwell Chikwatiro | Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has revealed he will never say sorry for his role in the diabolic Gukurahundi massacre of the early 1980s.

While President Robert Mugabe has expressed strong remorse for the murder of over 22,000 Zimbabweans describing it as “a moment of madness”, Mnangagwa who was Mugabe’s sole intelligence adviser and boss has vehemently denied all; turning his back on facts surrounding the period when Mugabe acted on Mnangagwa’s intelligence advice sending in a violent army that cruelly ended the lives of 22,000 people between 1982 and 1984.

Mnangagwa has in the last 10 months threatened lawsuit on people who name him for causing the massacre. He says the reports reignited by former Education Minister David Coltart’s articles last year March, are false and malicious.

The VP denied even addressing a Lupane rally in 1983 when he described the people of Matebeleland as cockroaches.

Back then, he said: “The campaign against dissidents can only succeed if the infrastructure which nurtures them is destroyed.” He was intelligence minister in charge of the CIO when he referred to the dissidents as “cockroaches” and the Fifth Brigade as “DDT”, a deadly pesticide used to exterminate vermin.

“Blessed are they who will follow the path of the government laws, for their days on earth will be increased. But woe unto those who will choose the path of collaboration with dissidents for we will certainly shorten their stay on earth,” Mnangagwa also said.

But the VP says through his office: “The Vice President and Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Honourable E.D Mnangagwa, has noted with concern the contents of an article entitled ‘Coltart Shines Light on VP’s Gukurahundi Role’ which appeared in the Southern Eye section of the NewsDay edition of 17th March 2016.”

It also stated, “the article purports to be quoting extracts from Mr David Coltart’s recent autobiography. The NewsDay article reports that Mr David Coltart alleges in his autobiography that the Honourable Vice President E.D Mnangagwa addressed a rally in Lupane on a date that is not specified, but sometime in the 1980s and said that the Government had the option of ‘burning down…all villages infested with dissidents’ amongst others statements inciting violence against civilians.

“The Vice President E.D Mnangagwa wishes to communicate that all the statements attributed to him in this article are a total fabrication and that at no stage during the 1980s did he address a rally in Lupane nor did he at any other venue utter those words in the article in question.

“The Vice President’s legal practitioners are currently perusing Mr David Coltart’s autobiography to ascertain the accuracy of the report in the NewsDay newspaper before considering appropriate action to be taken to address these false and malicious statements.”

Ten months after the above statement was issued, Mnangagwa has continued in his defiance of the truth and last week his aides were on news networks actively defending the man. It is for this reason VP Phelekezela Mphoko says Mnangagwa can never be trusted and his presence in the succession matrix now threatens to destroy ZANU PF forever.

0 Replies to “Mnangagwa: I’ll Never Apologise for Gukurahundi!”

  1. The difference is that yes, Mugabe aint righteous, but he is on his way out; whilst Mnangagwa aint righteous too, but he is on his way in. And thats a problem!!

  2. Mugabe himself is not righteous, he has even committed worser crimes and thus can’t correct or rebuke Mnangagwa. It will be a case of the kettle calling the pot black

  3. But Mugabe acted from information provided by this thug Mnangagwa, as the so called Intelligence Minister.

    The thug created Super ZAPU dissidents with Apartheid’s whites, and almost killed Joshua Nkomo for no reason, other that he was a Mthwakazi.

    Today he is disassociating himself from the Mutsvangwas of this world; when Nkomo also disassociated himself from the dissidents did he listen?

    He is a Satan!

  4. If this is true action needs to be taken at a court of higher level even it means takintg out of the country to the highest court just a vicious circle

  5. Mugabe should dismiss the idiot from the Presidency. He was not elected after all, and has no record anywhere of winning an election.

    He wants to use violence as usual to become the President of the Republic. Bloody fcukken Gukurahundi ape!!