Bekezela Maduma Fuzwayo: A Man Above The Ordinary, I’m Proud Of You!
25 January 2017
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Bekezela Fuzwayo with Joice Mujuru

By Nomazulu Thata| I am indeed responding to the article Cde Fuzwayo wrote on January 19th regarding the cruelty done to a minor by some rogue desperate wife from Gwanda who paraded an innocent victim of sexual abused naked under an allegation of sleeping with her

fireblast…Nomazulu Thata

silly hubby.

It makes me proud to have men in our midst who are so human in their political activities. Cde Fuzwayo stands as one of the few men-of-substance in Zimbabwe’s political landscape.

It takes a man to stand up and speak for the rights of the girl-child in our devilish and child abusing society.

It also takes the heart of a good man to speak out so loud the way Fuzwayo did. In my eyes you are great Comrade. I love you dear Bekezela. Your article was nothing but clean!

Evidently our girl-children are not safe from the hands of rogue men and women. This young minor is a victim of a paedophilic Gwanda husband who has the claws to put a young girl into such a cruel state because his trouser’s zip is failing him.

Even at odd times of the day and place if he felt it and the wife had gone for grocery shopping, he would casually call the girl so he can relieve his penis’ sexual craving.

Young girl-children are victims of paedophiles in Zimbabwe.  As remunerations, a girl-child will be given a fake one dollar. He is THE MAN AFTER ALL. He has the right to sexual intercourse with (clearly raping!) anyone he feels.

But our Bekezela Fuzwayo is not that type of a man.

Fuzwayo is questioning the low values and decaying fabric of our societies regarding children and their rights. As the photo shows us, that girl could be about 14 years of age, a minor by definition. As Fuzwayo puts it, that girl must have been threatened: a threat of force was used to the girl to come to the bedroom, was frightened by threats of force and she complied. This is the maximum punishment she had to go through, degrading her persona; the element that defines her as a human being was ripped off, curiously by a woman. This girl endured six times-abuse from both the husband and the wife.


It is men who soil the linen

During any sexual intercourse, who soils the linen, men or women? Biology will tell you that it’s the men who soil the blankets. In what way would this little girl have soiled the woman’s blankets? She endured a sex act she was not part of but was done to her in absolute cruelty- she get punished for enduring pain in the course of sexual encounter with this rogue man. Is her slipping into the blankets the soiling of the bed linen? Why did she not confront her hubby and shame him in the public in the same way she shamed the minor? Is she afraid to lose her “good marriage” to her “good husband”? This woman should be ashamed and be shamed by all civilised citizens of our nation. This devilish woman from Gwanda crossed the radical line!

Cde Bekezela Fuzwayo is leading in telling us to be vigilant in protecting those vulnerable in our societies: the-girl-children. He eloquently talks about protecting the community values and upholding exactly that that makes us human: if there was a problem there are many avenues to solve such issue however painful, he said.


This Gwanda woman may believe that this girl is the one at fault and not her husband, hence she vents her absolute anger in the public to her than her husband. She knows too that the public will support her action.


The UNCRC articulates the rights of children less than 18 years in its human rights Treaties. It spells out that as human beings children’s rights must be protected by UN members. Zimbabwe as a member of the UN is bound by the international law to protect children. This Gwanda woman must be told that those jungle-like bush-laws she meted on our girl-child are not tolerated in Zimbabwe by any civilized government present and future regimes of Zimbabwe.


I should never be part of a family institution that conceals sex abuse on children as old as eight, nine and 11 years old. If I was abused myself at that age, it would compel me to root out such evils first. We have the nation’s duty never to leave any stone unturned by making sure such men, paedophiles see justice one day: That one day will come come hell or sunshine!

My politics in Zimbabwe is clear from the onset, to protect the rights of women and children. These are my objectives and I vow to live for them all my life.