Mnangagwa Govt Blocks Ministers, Chiefs Blowing Up $219 million On Expensive Cars & Furniture
8 December 2017
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President Emmerson Mnangagwa has blocked the blowing up of over $219 million on expensive cars by ministers, chiefs and MPs.

This was announced yesterday by Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa.

Chinamasa said that Government also turned down a request for furniture by Government Ministries and Departments which would have amounted to over $50 million, part of the total $219 million.

“As the country strives to mobilise funding for critical projects and programmes, it is imperative that we deploy the resources to priority areas that address the needs of the country in a cost effective manner,” said Chinamasa.

He continued saying, “Treasury is in receipt of requests for procurement of utility and conditions of service vehicles amounting to $169 million broken down as follows: Parliamentary vehicles, $21 million; chiefs’ vehicles, $14 million, Independent Commissions, $9 million; Civil service members, including Ministers, $93 million; and utility vehicles, $32 million.

“Furthermore, requests for procurement of furniture for Government Ministries and Departments amount to over $50 million. Clearly, the fiscus cannot sustain the above demands, if we are to achieve the objectives towards a ‘New Economic Order’. Hence, the 2018 Budget took account of value for money and affordability as guiding principles in the allocation of resources, and is unable to provide for the above vehicle requests.” – state media