German’s CDU of Angela Merkel: No Coalition With Neo-Nazi Party! And Opposition Parties in Zimbabwe?
11 December 2017
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By Nomazulu Thata | Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Party is having a horrendous task in forming a coalition government: in Zimbabwe, Zanu PF was spoilt for choices: who in the opposition can they pick-and cherry: to be part of the so-called inclusive government. The moral fabric of the nation, the bar measurement of human values and principles in Zimbabwe has sunk so low, its desperation of the first order!!!!!! Where are those revolutionary aspirations that led the African country to take up arms and fight Smith regime and replace it with the majority rule. The differences between current political German imbroglio and the sudden stolen hope for Zimbabwe are interesting to observe.

The general elections in Germany were held on the 25th of September this year; Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Party had the mandate to form a government. Despite the fact that Angela Merkel’s CDU party won the elections, they fell short of the percentage vote to form a government with their sister party Bavarian CSU. A Jamaican government was envisaged: Christian Democratic Union, The Green Party, and The Free Democratic Party. (Jamaica means in this case the German parties’ colours of the flag of the country Jamaica) After weeks of negotiations to find a consensus, the parties failed to find a common ground that was going to pave way for a coalition government. It was almost impossible to secure trend shifts that voters desperately wanted in areas of migration, tax and economy.

In the 2017 German’s general elections: the Christian Democratic Party together with their sister party: Christian Social Party CSU got 32,9% votes; the Social Democratic Party SPD got 20,8%: the Leftists or Radical Left got 9,2%: the Greens got 8,9% The Free Democratic Party got 10,7% and the Alternative for Germany (AfG) got 12,6% votes. The party: AfG (Alternative for Deutschland) came out with a resounding electoral victory that shocked the nation and the region as a whole.

For a party that has far right tendencies to near Neo-Nazi ideology ever to win a whopping 13% was indeed a shock. AfG: or Alternative for Germany was formed in 2013 whose members originated from Christian Democratic Party and their sister party CSU. These are children of some German conservatives, children of the establishment. Their 13% win, the third largest parliament vote: 94 seats out of 907 available seats: one can say with equal truth that AfD was the winner of the 2017 general elections. Their win rocked the main political establishments in Germany and indeed the German population.

The AfD rod into the fears of some German populace: fear of foreigners, fear of mass migration by literally stealing the votes from the CDU and SPD voters. Their mantra was simple: Germany for Germans! They were disgruntled with the way Angela Merkel bailed out Greece’s economy at the expense of the German tax

payer: purely emotional issues immigration and the Euro currency were their potent issues. The coming of Syrian migrants at the borders of Germany: Angela Merkel admitted them under the auspices that is was a humanitarian catastrophe at their door steps, about one million refugees from Syria were allowed in Germany within a month alone. That was fertile ground for the Neo-Nazis to show their anger through the ballot box! Its tone was nationalist, xenophobic and racist. The question is how are they going to hold their caucus together? This question is for another day.

The Jewish Central Council confirmed its fears about the resurgence of Neo-Nazism in Germany regarding the 2017 elections.

To this date: 10th December 2017 the German government has no working government in place. The envisaged “Jamaica coalition has failed dismally on issues relating to migration and energy policies: their bone of contention. The coalition is called Jamaica its nicknamed because of the colours of the Jamaican flag. This coalition that collapsed last Sunday was the only plausible, only option of a coalition Angel Merkel had at her disposal. The views of the three parties were so polarised manly on migration: Angela Merkel described the pulling away from talks by the Free Democrats as regrettable. Another election is looming in Germany.

The difference between Alternative for Germany and Zanu PF Zimbabwe is wide apart. The alternative for Germany is a protest party tinged with Neo-Nazi overtones: is openly a racist party. The AfG Party is concerned about the Islamisation in Germany, they are concerned about the flow of migration into Germany especially, they are disgruntled about the way the government under Merkel bailed out the Greek government when the Greece government went bankrupt.

AfG propagates the complete shutting down of external borders of Germany which in itself is a contradiction of Shengen – the EU free movement zone. Some influential leader of the party AfG even suggested that any migrants trying to enter Germany illegally should be shot at. It is this rhetoric adopted from the Nazi past that shocks the Germany societies. The AfG indeed taped into the peoples’ anxieties over the Islamic influence in Western Europe that makes it almost impossible to partner with any main stream parties in Germany to form a government.

Zanu PF government, on the other hand, is a party whose new president: Emerson Mnangagwa is tainted with blood on his hands. The genocide of the early 1980s, the murdered farmers and their workers of the Millennium, the loss of life and livelihoods in Murambatsvina of 2005, and the violent general elections of 2008 were all perpetrated by the current government of Zanu PF. Serious crimes against humanity were committed by this party called Zanu PF. In civilized countries Zanu would never be allowed to be in government hence AfD can never be part of the government despite the fact that they legally won 94 parliamentary seats in September this year. It should however be noted that AfG’s rhetoric is tinged with Nazi overtones, is racist

and that alone disqualifies them to be part of the government with Angela Merkel’s CDU although AfG brand of nationalism is less than that of the Third Reich.

In civilized countries there is no government that can be allowed to get into power through the back door; a military coup is just unheard of in civilized countries. Germans learnt their hard lessons in the Third Reich: The atrocities of the Third Reich are well documented. Perpetrators of genocide and crimes against humanity were punished. By punishing them, Germany set precedence to all other countries that genocidal dictates of the Third Reich, vagabonds, thugs, criminals have no place in a civilized world. After the WW2 the German governments of East and West had the task of politicizing the masses about the dangers of Nazism and its ideology. However traces of Neo-Nazi’s still exist, evidenced by the AfG 13% vote win in the 2017 general elections. The German government is working on the eradication of Neo-Nazi vestiges in all aspects of their societies: nurseries, schools, universities, work places. In Zimbabwe we are told to forget the atrocities of the past and move on because the economy is important!

Why is Zimbabwe delivering itself over to the raving genocidal dictates of re-invented Zanu PF? What has happened to civilization and humanity UBUNTU in Zimbabwe? Have the people of Zimbabwe forgotten about those unforgettable atrocities of our resent history? We watched with dismay the fusion of the ordinary people and the army in such a short space of time demonstrating together in the towns and cities of Zimbabwe, a demonic act that factional Zanu PF- Lacoste- forged to get legitimacy. We watched with dismay the very people who were victims of Murambatsvina massed together like sardines at the Gwanzura Stadium to witness the inauguration of President Mnangagwa: the povo shedding their minds and souls.

Was Mnangagwa, not long ago an eager bloodthirsty killer, a mass murderer of Gugurahundi atrocities, white farmers and their workers, crimes against humanity perpetrated in 2005 code-named Murambatsvina, together with the assistance of the army: they killed, maimed, raped the very population now in mass hysteria of hero-worshipping frenzy? Are the masses incapable on mining back those atrocities that happened not even ten years and inform themselves: never again with this murderous of Zanu PF? In November this year 2017 Mnangagwa fled Zimbabwe because his life was in danger and was given protection by the Zulus in South Africa: Those ancestors whose grandchildren Mnangagwa murdered cold-blood, the Ndebele tribe he wanted to exterminate/annihilate in 1983 -1987 genocide.

What is even nauseating and galling is how opposition parties’ possessing of some ever-present receptivity to embrace “born-again” Zanu PF, and their readiness to work together in an inclusive government of national unity. This will never happen in Germany today hence Germany still does not have a substantive government of coalition parties. Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU will never invite AfG Party to form a government. Dignified decent personalities across the civic and political divide in Zimbabwe expressed their readiness to work with Zanu Pf despite its visceral

culture, a party reputed of obscene criminality of certain individuals driven by tribal hatred and intolerance to dissent.

The government of Zimbabwe is an illegitimate one that came to power through the back door. There was a military coup in Zimbabwe and therefore the present government is unconstitutional and illegitimate. The army violated the constitution. The judiciary violated the constitution. The presence of the army in the streets of Zimbabwe and how they are now harassing the public is a quintessence brewed from the darkest elements of Zanu PF dating back from the struggle for liberation of Zimbabwe. There are soldiers dying in those barracks today and we shall never know how many of them: it is a military junta in power in the sense of the word. Black lives matter. We shall continue to fight for the rights of those who died prematurely, those in military prisons because of the November military take-over because black lives matter!

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  1. In Zimbabwe, it is the Nazi party that is in power, joining them in a coalition would be the mistake.

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