Tendai Biti Speaks: We Didn’t Call For Sanctions, To The Contrary For Years We Have Been Re-engaging The West
15 December 2017
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By Farai D Hove| MDC Alliance and PDP leader, Tendai Biti has communicated following his appearance before a US Senate committee 3 days ago, saying he did not at all this week call for sanctions on Zimbabwe.

He said the MDC has instead been re-engaging the West.

“The sanctions mantra is fake news that doesn’t sell Jones,” write Biti on his portal.

He continued saying “its a reflection of the paranoia in the new establishment.We started the process of re-engagement a few years ago.Our record speaks for itself.”

Biti’s comments come as many in ZANU PF attacked him on allegations of calling for sanctions which his critics say affect the poor people.


Earlier on, Biti also wrote saying he is not afraid of ZANU PF members who this week began threatening him. “The basis of fascism was a perverted nationalism that did not allow for dissent and was anchored on a fake ideology of superiority.

“The fake sanctions debate bears the sick finger prints of fascism .You can kill or imprison us . But we are not afraid of you,” he said.

33 Replies to “Tendai Biti Speaks: We Didn’t Call For Sanctions, To The Contrary For Years We Have Been Re-engaging The West”

  1. Varume ve opposition ava vanodirei kuita zvinhu zvinovahafurira mavhoti avo zvakadai?

    A zanu politician will simply say honai hunhu wevanhu venyu avo. Tsve kuita ma headlines ekuti they have openly requested a meeting with the new government, asi vomhanya kunoita musangano nema Americans wekuti even agenda yacho requires to many explanations. So whose interests are they trying to fulfil?

    Hapana kana akanyepedzerawo kuita rally yekuti angotaurawo official position yeMDC. Nyaya dzacho dzese ndedzemakuhwa, the only thing chisiri guhwa is the trip to America, but again the whole trip again raises more questions!

  2. Sorry,Sorry Mr Biti &Co failed to answer a simple question when asked by a USA Senator that ….”Can USA remove target Sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe Government”?….they all mumbles just said”We are here in the USA to re-engage”….that what left the USA Senators perplexed about what the MDC Crew are there at the USA for………………….

  3. Mr Biti. .your Mr Obert Gutu, Chamisa and yourself. .you are the SELLOUT /PUPPETS of the The President of the United States of America. .

  4. since Biti and Gutu have publicly distanced themselves from calling for the stay of sanctions then lets drop the case and discuss positive things that will build our nation.

  5. MDC ALLIANCE are highly misguided. This was very unnecessary. They shud have engaged the new govt first and then the general vanhu before talking to our sworn enemies, the WEST. NXAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  6. kana vasina kunotengesa nyika.. What the hell were they doing in USA, with the foreign affairs delegation…Document released by Sullivan, what was it all about!! shed more light before we conclude..

  7. The era of donations is over its now tym for development win win partnerships. We no longer need them as donors, mainly to NGOs for that matter, but as investors. 51/49% rule is gone and gvt is working towards improving the ease of doing business. The least we need right now are Sanctions in whatever name.

  8. iwe wezhira ukwane America is the biggest donor in what,,hauzivi zvaurikutaura,,,did you ever heard any word from them,,,what they were speaking against the government,,,,saying what destroys the confidence they were now building on the govt,,,,only for the sake of sanctions to remain not to be removed….so that we continue suffering ordinary zimbabweans so as to vote them or them to be given money for campaigns……

  9. Biti…engaging what?…..engaging in imposing illegal Sanctions on your Country-men ….what were rushed to in the USA?…..The Government of the day is the one engages International Community no just mere Opposition Party….what you did with MDC Crew shows a big suspicion ….in your Country Zimbabwe you never Address a single Rally with 5 People as a PDP President….but just jumping the Gun to re-engage the USA……living SADC and EU perplexed by your silly action Mr Tendai Biti……

  10. I’m not defending them, but the mandate of that subcommittee allows it to invite people in Biti’s category. Whether he should have gone or not is something different.

  11. invitation as who/what? He is not in government, the content of the of the neeting leaves a lot to be desired…They are being used by white people ti suoress felliw bkack people

  12. Being a witch and a wizard is a different attribute. No argument there. I dont know.
    Why not invite government? Sibusiso Moyo recently met the USA Ammbasador. To me that looks like an appropriate forum to iron out the differences.

  13. The problem with Mbiti is unmitigated and definitely dangerous ambition. He mistakes the noise he makes, while frothing, with substance. Does this fool even have a silhouette of a party? Who would, in his or her healthy mind, kill an already dying person? I see that the adjective ‘fake’ is the only thing you brought from the racist Trump. You never got even a Kobo.

  14. Biti haana kana kutengesa .In any case America is our biggest donor.Why is anyone so scared of Biti and team`s visit to the Western countries.If they do not have anything to hide,the must not panic at all.Whoever things America and Western countries are wizards and witches did no correctly comprehend the President`s speech at the inauguration and just yesterday to the central committee

  15. thus why biti is being devorced. Hapana Mbiti inounya minyama mumba kuti zvidii. Kukara mari. apo ma supporters acho hapana kana cent rvanokupai. Matuzvi avanhu

  16. open invitation to wizards and witches who dwell on Zimbabwean sufferings. why not invitation of government and opposition representatives

  17. your trip was not good for zimbabweans at large. it as good for your begging of opposition funds o that you hare among yourselves whilist your foolish supporters ill praise you for economic damage you have done. you can say you are not afraid but we know vana Kudzi Chipanga vakambozvitaura izvozvo but you know what happened. Kutaura, kuhukura hakurmbidzwi.

  18. well-done Biti, Mavhunga and Chamisa, you are standing for the people. Don’t worry about those ZANUIDS they just singing for their supper and they think they have got another chance to finish off the economy. They want to change people’s focus to you. When in all earnest, they are confused and don’t know what to do or say with the ill-gotten positions.

  19. Tendai Biti described conditions for sanctions to the USA and the now says aaa they made up their minds it was not me when it was him who pointed the way for them No amunt of damgae control from Gutu or Coltart will wash away the fact the MDc sen t a delegation to invite sanctions on zimbbawe citizens sanctions on our already deacd economy sanctions on the few jobs we were hoping the new dispenation would produce. The MDC put a stop to it because they believe zimbabweans must not enjoy jobs hen the Mdc is not in power. The MDC is an enemy of the people of zimbabwe. They want electoral reforms o the MDC can get positions they do not cRE about our suffering. otherwise they would not have extended our suffering with no jobs

  20. Biti is not even wanted in his own party. Now he is trying to return to MDCT and taking the show. Biti and Ncube varikufunga kuti Tsvangirai is now a write off and varikuhwandira kudzoka mu party nekuti ivo vakashaya support in their new parties. Varikutofunga zvezvigaro zvemberi post Tsvangirai Error. Chamisa usashandiswa nevanhu varikudakudzoka mu party yavakatiza. It has been cold for them outside MDCT. Biti’s tone speaks for itself. Desparation to come back and sick relevance. Listen to Chamisa and Tsvangirai kana vachitaura, very sorber people, you can see some leadership qualities in them.

  21. The trouble with a corrupt and incompetent opposition is that they cannot be trusted to hold the fort even on a matter that is blatantly obvious!

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