“No Interface Rallies!” Rejoiced Gore – With Such Pathetic Expectations….
25 December 2017
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By Wilbert Mukori| After 37 years of one of the most corrupt oppressive and murderous regimes in modern human history that has forced ¾ of the country’s population into a life of hopelessness and despair. One would have thought that people of Zimbabwe will clear and united in wanting the dictatorship to end. It is therefore very disappointing that there are people like Victor Gore who believed “a lot has changed” and list them on ZimEye as follows:

1) no interface rallies 2) no abusing politicians by Grace Gucci 3) Road blocks are fewer 4) Bob’s face’s disappeared from the media 5) ministers now understand the word stress &unemployment 6) Grace Gucci has stopped it, hatichamunzwi. 7) Made MDC panic & fly to seek help from racist Donald Trump!

indepth…Wilbert Mukori

No wonder dictators like Robert Mugabe have thrived in Zimbabwe. When you have a people with such a shockingly low opinion of themselves, who have been crashed and ground into the dust all their lives and yet think nothing of it; it is easy to see why the corrupt, vote rigging and oppression will never stop.

The Zanu PF ruling elite have enjoyed absolute power, amassed wealth and enjoy lifestyles of unparalleled comfort and leisure. Last month’s coup, “Operation Restore Legacy” as the coup plotters called it, was about restoring the absolute power back in the hands of the Joint Operation Command, the Junta that has ruled the country with an iron fist all these last 37 years.

Mugabe, the leader of the Junta, had turned against the other thugs and wanted to hand over power to his wife and her G40 supporters. The rest of the Junta members had no choice but to point a gun at his temple and force the tyrant to resign. Other than that nothing else had changed, the Zanu PF thugs are still in total control and they have been flexing their muscle to punish the losing G40 leaders.

To get the national economy back on track, Zimbabwe needs to do something to end the endemic gross mismanagement, rampant corruption and to scrap all Mugabe’s foolish policies. Mnangagwa has already scrapped some of the more obvious and obnoxious laws such as the indigenisation law and has made a half-hearted go at ending corruption – half-hearted because he has gone after the corrupt G40 members but has allowed his own faction members go free. Worst still he has done absolutely nothing to implement the democratic reforms to end the country’s culture of lawlessness, political violence and vote rigging.

Zimbabwe is still a nation ruled by thugs, the removal of Mugabe alone did not transform Zanu PF from a ruthless dictatorship into a law abiding democratic party. A black mamba does not seize to be a deadly snake just because it has shed-off its old skin.

Whatever President Mnangagwa does on the economic front it will all come to naught as long as he has done nothing to end Zimbabwe’s reputation as a lawless nation ruled by thugs. He could not have

had a more ominous start to his presidency – he is the beneficiary of a military coup and his cabinet is stuffed to the rafters with Zanu PF’s most cold-blooded thugs.

Indeed, if Mnangagwa was to make any foolish attempt to implement democratic reforms to ensure free and fair elections then one thing is certain Operation Restore Legacy mark 2 in which he too will be forced to resign. The Zanu PF thugs have just got taken their respective seats in the dictatorship and they are not going to risk being booted out of power in a free election.

It economic changes are the seed, it is great that President Mnangagwa is paying attention to ensure we have good seed to plant. But by failing to restore the rule of law and holding free and fair elections, he is failing to ensure he has good soil to plant the seed. What good is it to have the best seed if you sow it in rocky soil or in among the weeds and thorns?

Yes Zimbabweans had dreamt of freedom, human rights and economic prosperity during the fight to white colonial oppression but deep down in the hearts of hearts they never believed that Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs would make that dream come true. So when the tyrant turned their whole world upside down to deny them their freedoms, rights and very humanity the people were disappointed but not shocked, they half expected it to happen.

After 37 years of Zanu PF corrupt and tyrannical rule the people are very pleased Mugabe has gone. They contend with Mugabe’s departure and do not dare ask who is coming after him because they already know it will be another dictator, they do not expect anyone else would be shocked if he/she was anything other than another corrupt, incompetent and murderous thug.

“No more interface rallies!” said Gore! Such a deplorable lack of ambition is shocking from even one person but when this at national level one is left speechless. Zimbabwe is in this hell-on-earth economic and political mess because we have had the great misfortune of having corrupt and incompetent leaders in both the ruling party and the opposition but all because we have one of the naïve and ignorant electorate with zero ambition for themselves and the nation.-zsdemocrats.blogspot.co.uk

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  1. Hostory tells us of a Paranoid Mugabe after 2000 or around 1999 thereabouts. The former President got into panic mode because of the following reasons. 1. Threat of a new political dispensation that could have excluded him in the first place and Zanu PF as joint interest. 2. Fear of being taken to the Hague as threatened by the opposition party MDC at its infancy. 3. Overwhelming support given to MDC party by white people especially farmers at its rallies. 4. The no vote during the constitutional referendum of the late 1990/2000. These events and factors shaped Mugabe differently and of course a new wife at home too made him worse.

    Therefore is naive for a generation of people to think that it is only leadership that should shoulder the blame for the economic upheavals post 2000. The no vote at referendum by Zimbabweans played a mojor role. The problems that followed the no vote at referendum must be a collective action of all Zimbabweans who participated at that prebiscite. I urge these columnists to encourage good and servant leadership than postulations that kills optimism.

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