Five Die In Horrific Presidential Motorcade Crash
15 February 2018
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Terrence Mawawa
Five people were killed following an accident
involving a cement truck and the Democratic
Republic of Congo President’ s Motorcade.

Three soldiers and two civilians died as President
Joseph Kabila was returning to the capital,
Kinshasa on Tuesday night.

Kabila also stayed to help the
injured. 11 people were injured during the accident a government
spokesperson confirmed to news agency AFP.

The spokesperson said the accident was caused by
“heavy rain”, although early reports suggested
speed was a factor.

Witnesses said
the main cause of the incident, which happened
220km (110 miles) south of Kinshasa, was speeding.

Kabila, who has been in power since 2001,
when his father was assassinated, is facing
mounting pressure to stand down – since his term of
office expired in November 2016.